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UN’s Plan To US Global Warming To Radically Redistribute Wealth

UN’s Plan To US Global Warming To Radically Redistribute Wealth

We have all heard that the Paris Climate Accords were more an attempt to redistribute wealth than anything else, but this is not where the UN in their effort to do this is done, they are now pushing to massively change the financial world, to pull money out of the developed world, then pass it over to the developing world to give them a massive boost all while draining places like the US of their power and influence.

If nothing else shows us how dangerous the UN has become not only to the sovereignty and power of the US, it should also show this to Europe and the developed world as well. Sadly, this is seen, Europe is only too happy to go along with this, to do so at the point of hurting their people. The people are upset, we see this now in France as Paris is burning, the people are rioting over a thirty cent gas tax, but the thirty cents is not what set them off, it was the tipping point that pushed them over the edge, Paris and the middle class were already simmering, ready to explode.

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So what is the UN’s plan? They are trying to have over the next eleven years a $49 a gallon gas tax; this is to slowly be raised over the next 70 years to $240 a gallon Carbon tax. And what happens to this money? The UN wants to oversee the distribution of the wealth, to have a fund they can redistribute funds out of developed nations, passing this along to underdeveloped countries. What this is, in the end, is just a massive Ponzi scheme, all done on a global scale.

So what do we do? Sadly European nations seem to be buying into this, but we are seeing cracks in this as the socialist agenda we see so strongly in Europe, the people are finally having enough of it, this is why Paris is in flames, Italy and others have unseated their liberal overlords, we have done the same, but as with all things, when one has power, they are not going to let it go easily, so we see the resurgence of the left in the elections, but they, in the end, are being rejected by all but the fringe as they go further and further to the left.

United Nations Human Rights Council Logo.svgThe UN is the root of all that we see going on, what has happened is third world dictators have taken control of the organization; when you have Afghanistan, Qatar, Pakistan. Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and  Somalia, all known to be gross violators of human rights, yet they are supposed to oversee such things? What is more, there has only been one nation they have consistently focused on is Israel, they ignore the violations of Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and countries all up and down Africa, Venezuela, and Lebanon.

We need to rid ourselves of the UN, they have slipped from an organization that was intended to keep peace around to the world to one that is now more interested in uniting the world under one government with them ruling it. They ignore the sovereignty of nations, have blatant double standards, have become ruled by third-bit dictators who want to sit on a podium and preach their moral superiority to everyone else.

This latest move by the UN is nothing but another attempt to redistribute wealth, to put nations like ours on the same footing with dictatorships that could care less about human dignity or rights.

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