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USPS Whistleblower Goes Public, Confirms Investigation on Alleged Potential Mail-In Ballot Fraud

USPS Whistleblower Goes Public, Confirms Investigation on Alleged Potential Mail-In Ballot Fraud

On Thursday evening, Project Veritas spoke to an anonymous USPS whistleblower. The man-made the allegation that his supervisor supposedly ordered people to backdate Pennsylvania ballots that came after Election Day, so that they were postmarked on Election Day. If true, with Pennsylvania being as close as it is, I’m sure you can see how this may be a problem.

There are some people making claims of potential fraud, yet when it comes time to sign their name on something official, back down. Twitter makes it impossible to figure out what’s true and what’s people claiming they saw Goody Proctor with trunk full of Biden votes. What makes this Project Veritas video different is the man is going public. His name is Richard Hopkins. He’s repeated the claims he made to James O’ Keefe to investigators. And he’s willing to testify before congress.

Other employees feel the same way I do, but they do not want to say anything.

I’m nervous. I am nervous because this is a big deal.

This is a big deal, because here we have a guy willing to testify under oath. He’s willing to put his name on something, as opposed to just tweeting a chart that he drew on. Could he have misheard his supervisor? It’s very well possible. That’s where an investigation comes in. But if there are supervisors in the post office ordering people to backdate mail, I’m fairly certain that’s illegal even without it being a federal document. Not to get too conspiratorial, but public employee unions do tend to skew in the direction that isn’t fond of Donald Trump. Plus, generally speaking, there tends to be a lot of patronage hires the more local you get. So it’s not like political motivation isn’t that far fetched.

None of this screams ZOMG, ELECTION FRAUD CONFIRMED!!! But it does look fishy as hell. And the number of things that look fishy as hell is where we have a problem.

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