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Video Catches “Peaceful” Protesters Knocking a Man Out for Asking Them to Lower Their Voices

Video Catches “Peaceful” Protesters Knocking a Man Out for Asking Them to Lower Their Voices

Different people have different evening habits. Useful, productive members of society use the night time to sleep, ensuring that they have the energy the next day to continue being a useful and productive member of society. Then you have leftists, who take to the streets “peacefully” yelling, setting things on fire, and showing up at people’s homes. Especially, it seems, in Seattle.

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A productive member of society who was trying to sleep asked a group of peaceful protesters if they could please keep their voices down. The peaceful protesters considered the request, and then knocked him the f*** out. Peacefully, of course.

The victim told officers that around 12 am, he was attempting to sleep but was kept awake by a protest that had been making its way through the neighborhood. He said that he went outside and asked the crowd to quiet down so that he could sleep, video recording the confrontation on his phone. The man said that members of the protest became angry that he was recording them, flashed laser pointers in his eyes, and then struck him in the head with a blunt object.

Thankfully, the Seattle city council hasn’t lived out their socialist soggy dreams by defunding the police by 50% yet. Otherwise, it may have been social workers showing up to the hospital to question the man as to why he disrespected the protesters by putting his face in front of the flashlight that peacefully struck him in the head. Also, the man probably doesn’t think that black lives matter because why else would he be upset people were exercising their first amendment rights outside of his home in the middle of the night.

This is who the left is. Believe them when they show you.

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