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Video Of White Texan Being Told He Can’t Get Monoclonal Antibody Treatment By Black Health Care Worker

Video Of White Texan Being Told He Can’t Get Monoclonal Antibody Treatment By Black Health Care Worker

We know, with the laws currently in place, if you deny a Black individual treatment due to their race, a Hispanic or Asian, you would quickly find yourself under legal trouble, your business shut down, and you will be most likely be the main event on the evening news. But if you are white and this is done to you, that is fine; at least in Texas, it is.

The hypocrisy of this knows no bounds; what you are in danger of doing is forcing 70% of the nation, whites, to find it needed, for safety and equality sake, to band together while excluding other races, something we fought and defeated years ago, yet the left, who started this whole thing off in the past, want to bring this back.


The left has tried to split us apart based on our race but now has another new weapon in their battle to keep us at each other’s throats. The coronavirus vaccine and the various treatments that are available to help ease the symptoms of the disease.

According to the Gateway Pundit, it seems liberals are now putting these two strategies together. Earlier in 2021, the Texas Health and Human Services department finally made monoclonal antibody treatments available to those who contract the COVID-19 virus following the Emergency Use Authorization granted by the Food and Drug Administration back in February.

The Lone Star state has since issued tens of thousands of monoclonal antibody treatments over several months. However, thanks to shortages in the supply that the current administration has primarily caused, the agency has started to use segregation as a method of deciding who can receive the treatment and who can’t.

This is not a misstatement. The color of someone’s skin decides whether or not they receive this potentially life-saving treatment for the coronavirus. One has to wonder, how will this hold up in a court of law, and if this continues, how long until some desperate parents say enough of this, come in with arms and give no choice but to treat their loved ones? I don’t advocate this, but I sure understand how it can come about when we use race to determine who gets treatment and who doesn’t; this is the very definition of practicing racism.

The state is only providing the treatments to “high-risk ethnic groups” while refusing to offer this same level of care to people who are white.

“According to Texas HHS, if you are white, you must be over 65 and/or have additional ‘high risk’ factors to receive the same treatment as other American citizens,” the GP report says.

“In one shocking example of this state-sponsored racism that was caught on video, Infowars host Harrison Smith visited a Texas HHS clinic on Saturday where he was denied monoclonal antibody treatment simply because he is white,” the report continues.


“Smith, who hosts the American Journal on the Infowars network, tweeted that he was denied the effective treatment for Covid because of his race and that he was told that if he had been black or Hispanic – then he would have been eligible,” the report adds.

One has to question why the Governor of Texas, who is a Republican, is allowing this. We need to put a stop to this, does not matter where it is,

Racism is back with the Democrats; today, it only has changed direction; it used to be directed towards blacks and other minorities. It is still directed at other minorities but now focuses mainly on the whites. The worst part, you have whites that are supporting and pushing this racist ideology.

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