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Violence Will Escalate As Democrats See Hope Fade

Violence Will Escalate As Democrats See Hope Fade

As we see violence against the right from activists from the far-left, one has to wonder, where will this stop, or will it, and if not, what can we, instead, must be what we do can do to protect ourselves against this violence?

We have for years heard from the Left when they were not showing well in the polls them falling back to the old mantra “Republicans are racist, they would push granny off a cliff, they care nothing about the common man, only corporations,” but something is changing now.

As the left is losing more and more grip on the middle of America, they are not only willing to write off you and me, we are seen, as Hillary described us, as deplorable, others have said we are fascist. Others use an assorted collection of words to attack. The problem comes from one word or person, TRUMP.

In the past the left would throw out these accusations, the GOP would go out of their way to excuse themselves, to show they were not what they were being accused of, then came Trump, he turned to the accusers, called them liars, fake news, and told them to shut the hell up.

The old way of accusing and sending the GOP scurrying for cover no longer worked, another trick had to be taken out of the playbook, words were no longer working, Trump showed us how to let them slew off our backs and throw them right back at the accusers.

This infuriated them, how dare Trump call them out, so they set off on the next attempt, to remove him from office, they have time after time lost, but they are continuing, I promise, this will not end, I fully expect more articles of impeachment to be passed. The great news of this is Trump doesn’t need a P.R. team, the Democrats, each time they try to remove him, his ratings go higher and higher, it is almost as if Trump is the new Teflon Don.

As with any bully, we see things escalate; bullies will as a rule attack when they know you will not attack back, so they start to resort to violence, the problem with this will come if their victims decide they had enough of this, then strike again. Yet this is not what is happening right now.

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We sat with horror as we heard the Congressional Baseball practice get shot up by a Bernie supporter, we correctly did not blame Bernie for this, he was not espousing violence, he had a zealot within his cadre of followers that was mentally unbalanced.

What I find is the blatant hypocrisy with this, the left is quick to blame Trump for any violence that is done, many times they start off blaming Trump, then find out the attacks are Democrat Progressive activist, suddenly the press goes into a shutdown, it is like this never happened.
The problem is this does nothing but encourage more of these attacks.

Add to this, leaders like Maxine Waters has told her followers to verbally assault Trump supporters, to find them and run them out of restaurants, parks, movies. One has to wonder, how much of a jump is it to go from verbal assault to physical?

Like Facebook, only better!

To mention this seems a taboo, but I must ask, why? By hiding a problem, it will not make it go away. We can go to a March for Life or some other conservative stance, Antifa is waiting to attack violently. The press either ignores these attacks, or says the people are attacking someone with fascist views, so it should not be something to concern the rest of us.

The problem with this is that the press is now saying that all Trump supporters are White Supremacist, or they support this ideology, they say that anyone that is a nationalist is a fascist, so they connect the two, say that all Trump supporters are Fascist. The excuse for violence has just been given.

We have now seen this radicalism rise to a new level; we have a Sanders Supporter say that all Trump supporters should be thrown in a reeducation camp, then terminate the ones that will not conform, this is where the left is headed.

I remember studying the Mandate of Palestine before Israel was reborn, remember that the Jews after facing wave after wave of attacks, and the authorities either could not or would not do anything to support the Jewish population from Arab slaughters, they set up self-defense groups. At first, these were an idea, not one that wanted to be used, but some leaders made preparations if things escalated out of control.

I can’t help but wonder, is this what is needed now? We see churches now doing this, not because they want to support violence, instead that violence is becoming more and more commonly directed at them. We saw with the latest Church shooting an armed security member in the Church made short work of the shooter. The Church was not supportive of violence; they were prepared for the possibility of it happening, when it came through their doors, they were prepared.

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I know this may offend some, but I sadly think we are rapidly approaching the point we need to do this for ourselves. We need not be looking for a fight, preferably to be prepared if one comes looking for us. I hold no ill will towards the left, I do think they are misguided, but I am sure many feel the same of me, but I will not tolerate violence from them or anyone.

What has me worried is the Democrats are more and more finding themselves controlled by the far left. People like Waters is stirring up passions, leaders, like we see within the squad (AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, and to a lesser extent Ayanna Pressley), they are driving the party to a more radical extreme, their youthful followers, along with old radicals are too happy to follow.

Pelosi is contained, the “inmates” are running the asylum, they are the ones that are so quick to violence, something the press is so quick to silence, or when they can’t, they go out of their way to redirect the blame to the victims.

These people are pushing the party to the brink, just like it was before the civil war, the difference is back then there was a geographical divide, today not so much, you have the larger cities controlled by Democrats, they sit in the middle of red states.

This violence is going to explode, the question I think we have to ask ourselves is – “Are we prepared for it?” And, if it comes, what are we going to do about it. I, for one, am not interested in being or playing the victim.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Kent Phillips

    Curious to hear your thoughts on likely scenarios that will induce violence from the left. The motto of the Boy Scouts is “Be Prepared”. Everyone should be.


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