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Voters: ‘Um … can I change my vote?’

Voters: ‘Um … can I change my vote?’

That question caught fire on the web this week – and a conservative attorney argues the fact that that inquiry was trending confirms his opinion that early voting sometimes isn’t such a good idea.

From OneNewsNow by Chris Woodward

At the latest count, more than 82 million Americans had cast their ballots ahead of Election Day (November 3) – far more than ever before. But earlier this week, according to Google Trends, some of those folks were wondering if they could change their vote. Google searches of the phrase “can I change my vote” peaked early Tuesday morning in the U.S.

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“For most of the country, if you’ve voted early, you can’t change it. There are a few states [where you can],” he began. “But let me just say this: this is one of the major reasons why I think voting early is maybe not the best idea – because information comes out after the fact and you have people who are asking these questions.”

Hamilton discussed one state where early votes can be changed – but with restrictions.

“For voters in New York who submitted absentee ballots but … changed their minds, they can show up at the polling place during early voting or on Election Day and then cast their vote,” he explains. “And then the state board of elections is supposed to automatically invalidate the absentee ballots.”

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According to Google, the search inquiries originated in several battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona. But the phrase began trending at one point in Delaware – the state that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden represented in the Senate for 36 years.

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