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War With North Korea, What Would It Look Like – Part 2

War With North Korea, What Would It Look Like – Part 2


Yesterday in part 1, we saw how North Korea, after given a line not to cross by Trump, proceeded to ignore him, had crossed it anyway, so sure were they in our habit of threats with no action, felt this was once more going to be the result, what they had not counted on was Trump was not Obama who’s red line moved more than a Bedouin.

In response Trump put in motion a plan they already practice, to take out the nukes North Korea had, we did succeed in destroying their mobile launchers, then the missiles they had put in their first generation missile silo’s to prevent such an attack, what they had not counted on was American would with the attack introduce two new weapon systems, an EMP smart cruise missile system called CHAMPS (Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project) – I am so glad they shorted this to Champs, can you imagine having to say this each time?

This was a cruise missile with highly advanced artificial intelligence, it could direct where it wanted to attack, to control the size and shape of the area it was attacking, so as to minimize collateral damage, or it could set off a wide field EMP charge that does less damage but would affect all around it.

In addition they also surprised the world with a stealth drone that was a medium bomber, could drop bombs on target with no person in the loop, and had mounted in it a laser defense suite that could shoot down surface to air and air to air missiles, and was strong enough to protect airframes around it.

There was one slight problem, unknown to the US and the world, Kim had disguised some of his Missile launch sites as utility buildings, the US was able to destroy the nuclear missiles in these buildings, but not before  12 missiles were on their way against North Korea’s enemies.

This continues from that point, if you missed it, please click on the picture below, you will be taken to part 1


Along the DMZ

Flying over the DMZ after the CHAMPS had wiped out their ability to communicate, the US had forty F35’s flying over the mountainous range watching for guns to poke out.

While one did they had either the option of using their bombs, each  carried eight GBU-39, the problem was the F35 was not loaded for Air to Air combat, they had the rest of their F22‘s available to take out any threats, and further back F15C’s were waiting to come screaming in if needed. Using their bombs would give away their positions, they instead were linked if needed to take over control of Avenger C’s, if they needed larger ordinance, they had F-15E Strike Eagle that could drop loaded with JDAM’s, and 8 B1 bombers loaded with GBU-28 bunker busters to take out gun sites that were unable to be taken out with AGM-114 Hellfire‘s or  GBU-39’s (the hellfires were decided on to be used due to the speed they could arrive at point rather then a fee falling bomb, these could destroy guns before they had time to pull back into their hardened shelters).

At first it was rather easy, in addition to the F35’s, they had the rest of their Avenger C  that was in theater, 60 of them, joined in by 100 of their older brothers, the MQ-1 Predator, each loaded with 2 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and 50 of the larger MQ-1C Gray Eagle, these were each loaded with 4 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, flying in to quickly join them were South Korean 50 F4’s, they were vulnerable fighters against modern fighters, which North Korea had few, but better yet, they were great at hauling bombs that could be dropped on artillery as they poked out of the mountain to fire, they also had 100 F5’s, a older but good jet for the need of having platforms with bombs to drop on North Korean forces, in desperation South Korea was putting up anything with wings that could haul bombs to help take out the artillery pieces, for if they didn’t, these would soon be raining down on Seoul.

The sea of Japan.

Seeing the Missile tracks on radar the Japanese captain of JDS Myōkō (DDG-175) felt the pit in his stomach turn sour, once more his beloved Japan had nuclear weapons aimed at the motherland, two missiles tracked to strike Tokyo and Osaka. He looked around at his crew, he was so proud of them, even under such dire conditions they were handling themselves as only a Japanese would, with honor and attention to detail. Then his anger started to boil up, even America when they were fighting the motherland never targeted the set of the emperor, he vowed then to either stop the missiles and avenge this slight against the emperor’s honor or he would sacrifice his own life in dishonor.

In seconds, that seemed like forever for the computers, both his ship and the JDS Kirishima (DDG-174) AEGIS computers were tied together, since they were tied together with US command, they were also linked with other American ships in the area, these too tied in with the USS Stethem (DDG-6), the US ship was tasked to work with the Japanese ships until Task Force 70 was in the area, they were as of 2 days ago sailing at top speed to the North Korean coast, they were going were going to bring the 4 carrier group assigned to the area.

During the missile tracking the three ships through their AEGIS software were able to tie the three ships together, share situational awareness, this was further enhanced by Satellite and other sensors that charted all ships, when the ships were finally put in battle mode, although the human operators did give the final OK for attacks against enemy combatants, defensive measures and ABM activity was done in an automatic mode.

As the missiles came into the area they could  try to shoot them down, the system automatically prioritized with would be targeted first, all three ships were doing this at the same time, for all the systems were linked at this point, when the optimum engagement envelop was reached, the three ships launched their missiles at the missile, the Japanese launched their SM-3 block IA, one for each ship, at the same time the American ship fired the same missile, each was set to intercept within seconds of each other, as the missiles lifted off and were away, a minute later AEGIS put in motion the second set of missiles, one from each ship, then it was matter of waiting for the two tracks to intercept each other.

As they watched the three captains were sickened when the radar showed the missiles turning from one to three objects, two were decoys, one would be the warhead, now the whole thing got harder. The AEGIS at this time was not able to discern what was the warhead and what was a decoy, so it did what it was supposed to do, it quickly fired another set of missiles at the missile, these would target the first track. The second set missiles already on the way targeted the second, and the ones just firing targeted the third, basically, their effectiveness was just reduced to a third of what it was.

As each missile were closing in on their targets, a second set was quickly fired for a follow up shot, then while the system tracked the warheads the targeting was passed back to Japan, if anything leaked through, Japan’s MEAD System would rise up to meet what was left, behind them were the Patriot Missiles, with the war looking immanent, the Americans had rushed to Japan the MEAD and Patriot Advanced Affordable Capability-4 (PAAC-4), this gave these two systems very much the same capability, other then reach, the MEAD was able to intercept further out.

As the first missiles tracks met, all held their breaths, they watched in a rather anti-climatic way, then heard a quick volley of missiles being fired the first had missed, these are they rose in the sky were followed quickly by a second set, then they were done, there was no way to intercept any longer, the next set of missiles would be unable to catch up to the tracks.

At the same time these fired the first set of missiles were fired from the MEAD systems in Japan, these two were followed by a second set,  but these would intersect after the second set of intercepts from the AEGIS had already had their go at the missiles. Shortly after this, the Patriots expended their missiles as well.

As this all happened, there was still the second missile to deal with, the AEGIS expended the rest of their stores intercepting this as well, it was now up to the systems to try to knock the warhead out of the sky.

As the second set of missiles rose up to intersect, they had already had one decoy taken out by the first set, the first ones fired, quickly knocked out the second decoy, which was not great, but at least it finally reduced the firing solution to one target, this was met by the last three Navy missiles, The problem was even though this was a shorter firing, it was still an ICBM, this system was never intended for such a thing, the first warhead also evaded the second set of missiles fired on it and continued towards Japan, but the second warhead was destroyed, Osaka was given a reprieve, for now, Tokyo was still under attack. All three crews even though they had succeeded in knocking down the first missile, the other was headed for Japan’s seat of power. 


As time went on, and the North Korean’s started to wake up to what was going on, more and more artillery started to come out, they were quickly dispatched. Due to the numbers, 12,000 artillery pieces, and over 2,400 multiple rocket launchers, there was no way they could get them all. over time the combined forces were decimating the North Korean’s pieces, any North Korean fighter foolish enough to try to come up after the fighters were quickly dispatched with the South Korean F15’s and F22’s the US had moved to bases in South Korea, but with all the forces in place, there were still hundreds of artillery shells landing in Seoul. Slowly the city started to be shaken to the ground, the civilians fleeing in terror were plugging up each road, to stop from having access to the DMZ the South Korean’s first tried firmly to keep refugees from flowing onto military access roads, then that did not work they soon brought out larger guns and started shooting, much to the mortification of the Americans, but they did keep the roads open, without this South Korea would have been in trouble.


The AEGIS systems had done well dealing the second missile fired at Japan, at this point Osaka was saved, but still, there was a nuke headed at Tokyo, in desperation the Japanese had already evacuated the Royal family and the government, now they turned to the missiles.

Due to the further reach of the MEAD these were already fired, the Patriot was soon following, The MEAD with a older seeker was not able to take out the warhead flying overhead, it was simply going to fast for the warhead to deal with, the Patriots just recently updated with the same seeker head Israel’s David’s Sling had, they were zeroing in on the warhead when the unthinkable happened, the warhead set off in space before reentry, Japan was instantly attacked with a massive EMP wave, their electrical grid as well as all internet capability was shut down, electronic bank records, and .


Things were quickly going from bad to much worse, first a couple thousand, then tens of thousands of North Korean troops started to surge for the border, as the moments rolled on you could see moving forward, looking behind the men surging forward 1st. Lt. Behnke picked up the field glasses, saw tanks moving out, turned to his first officer and asked, “What are those, I have never seen those, thought we were facing T-72’s, these sure aren’t the same profile?” His first officer took the glasses handed to him, looked at the tanks, then did a second look, whistled silently, “Sir, those should all be in museums, they are T-55’s, my grandfather fought against those, they were the main battle tank of the Russian in the early 50’s, these things are almost 70 years old, looks like there are a good 500 of them!”

“What do you recommend?” the Lt asked him.

“How are set with AT4’s and BGM-71 TOW rounds?” His gunny asked.

“Yes, we have over a hundred of each in the armory, we have them set up to take out any APC we see coming!” The Lt. Answered.

“I suggest sir you tell the men to arm up with those, we are going to face far more tanks soon, these are thrown up hoping we expend our heavier weapons, then they will bring out their T-62m and T-72s after we have expended our heavier ordnance, will overrun our positions with ease.” His gunny answered back, then added, ” Make sure we have a couple of Javelin’s with the men, that way if they try to sneak in a T-72 we aren’t sitting without the firepower to take them out.”

“Pass it down to the men, I will get on the line, let other commanders know what  you pointed out!” The first Lt. told him.

Later that day as the last of the men pulled back, there lay in ruins hundreds of T-55, T-62‘s and  T-72, the American and their North Korean allies made every inch of soil taken to be paid for in blood and machinery.

A Few Miles Outside of Pyongyang

Kim Jong-in was in a frantic mood, he could not communicate with his commanders, other then the ones here, they were stuck with using landlines to reach out from his command bunker, while everything worked here, it did not seem to work anyplace else. But there was one advantage the North Koreans had over the Americans, with their EMP wiping out all the other higher tech communications they could still reach out to many units, they had not yet modernized their communication systems, the old ones were not affected. What was more, his cell phones and others were still working, so long as they held a charge, with no power, the charge was finite, but they were working, much to the surprise of everyone.

Yet it was not all good news, with computers down, they only had the numbers of so many people on their phones, they were going through the hard task of trying to reach people and asking them for numbers to connect with others, and due to the lack of cell phones allowed in the Hermit Kingdom, there weren’t many.

Kim was screaming at his general in charge of space assets, “Where is the special device now, if the Americans are going to strike me with an EMP, we can return the gift right back to them!”

“I will do as you ask, my dear leader, the general got on the phone, got hold of his command over satellites that the nation controlled, they then set in motion to detonate nukes in the two satellites, one over the East Coast and one over the West Coast, watching the monitor the first satellite had just crossed over the East Coast, was headed over the Mid West towards where they planned on detonating it, when it crossed over the coast of the East Coast, the other satellite would be over the West Coast in about 40 minutes. When it cleared over where the Rockies were, they set the time, as it reached the coast of Oregon a large nuclear detonation went off over the East Coast, instantly shutting down all the power grid, computers, TV stations and all cable. Kim jumped to feet, clapped the general who was still shaking over what he had done, then announced to all, “They will see we are strong, if you pull a sleeping tiger’s tail, it will attack you when it wakes up.!”

Turning to the general who he had just congratulated he said, “You and your family will be rewarded with a month of special privileges at the Western Cash stores, I will personally give you $10,000 to go shopping there!” The whole place erupted, for such a privilege was extremely rare.

The general bowed to his deal leader, he was beaming, he knew he was in his good graces, such a status opened many doors, he was interrupted by Kim asking him something, so caught up, he had not listened, he looks at his leader with terror in his eyes.

“I know your love for me and the favor I have shown you is overwhelming my general, so allow me to repeat myself;” Kim told his general that had gone from beaming to terrified in less than a second (he loved that he held that power overall), he asked again, gently, but with death in his eyes to let the General know what the price of failure would be, “How long till you can detonate the satellite over the other coast of America?”

“It will be there in less than 15 minutes my dear leader!” He told him, feeling his confidence rising again, then turned to his aid and shouted, “You heard our benevolent leader, you will inform them to detonate that satellite or you and your family will be moving to a penal camp of our dear leaders choosing!”

The aid shaking got on the phones and directed the technicians to start the countdown, suddenly he turned white as a ghost and started to shake.

“What?” The general yelled at him with Kim and the officers looking on.

Falling on the floor to show his shame he said, “The Americans shot it down with their ships that were in place waiting for it!”

“Take him out of here the general yelled!” Two soldiers came running in, grabbed the man and dragged him away as he sobbed.

He turned to Kim, “Sir,….:”

“Shut up, you took my victory away from me when it was so close!” He screamed at him, turning to the guards he yelled, “Take him away, bring him to my special place, bring his family too, he will watch his family suffer and die, as do all that bring such shame, then I will deal with him when I am done!” The general white as a ghost, realizing him and his family were lost was dragged out of the room now a broken man.

He then turned to his Admiral and asked, “Where is our sub, I want Israel to answer for their sins?”

This was never about his view of Israel, rather it was greed if he struck Israel the Iranians and other Arab powers had already promised him billions.

Off the Coast of Iran by Bushehr, Iran

The North Korean Ballistic sub had sailed for almost 3,000 miles, most of under an Iranian freighter escorted by two Iranian Kilo Class Subs when it had just left the night before as they pulled into Bandar Abbas, it was now sitting off the seashore waiting for a message from its HQ. It did not take long after they had parked, soon over the com came two words, Vespasian returns, the claxon sounded, the sub’s crew ran to stations as the sub started to slowly rise to launch depth.

Not far away a sub sat, they had followed these subs all the way from North Korea, it was much, much quieter than its counterparts, it had followed them thousands of miles without ships having a clue his sub, the INS Tanin, now sat not far off, watching and waiting. 

Soon the captain could hear noises coming from the NK sub, muttering to himself he asked, “What are they doing now?” Then his enlisted man who was manning the sonar suite said, “Captain, you may want to list to this!”

Listening to the other headsets both looked at each other wondering what the noise was, then simultaneous recognition recognized what they were listening to, the missile boats doors were opening. Turning to weapons, he yelled, “Fire torpedo’s now!” As he heard the last torpedo leave the ship, he turned to his communications officer said, “Notify Tel Aviv now what just happened, then stand by for results.”

Over the speaker they could hear missile one fire, then two and three, then the noise created by screws suddenly going to make power, their torpedo’s had been detected, but it was too late, all three had acquired the ballistic sub, they slammed into the side of the sub one after another, the sub was done, they could hear the sounds of it breaking up as it went back down the bottom of the seabed. 

Turning back to Sonar, he said, “Three were fired, we have no way of telling what direction or who was targeted, let them know, they will sort it out.” turning to navigation said, get us to the next waiting area, we are going to have this place swarming with Iranian ships in a hurry! 

Washington DC

Trump was speaking to his cabinet when the secret service rushed in, grabbed him by both arms, one of them said as he pulled his weapon scanning all around them, “We have a Nuke Flash, we have to go!”

As they rushed him to the Marine One that was just touching down, Melanie Trump and their son were being dragged by her own detail to the helicopter as well. As they were shoved not too gently into the helicopter, the secret service agent turned to trump and said, “They will take you to Andrews, we have Kneecap waiting for you your son and wife will be on Air Force One, it is the safest place for them.

As they landed they were bustled off in two directions, hugs and kisses handed off, then in a rush the planes took off. Sitting on the conference table with his (CJCS) Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff on one side and his COS on the other he asked, “What did Rocket Boy do now?”

“Their satellite upon reaching the East Coast detonated a nuclear device, right now everything east of the Rockies is blacked out, we were able to take out his other satellite over Bermuda with a multiple shots from an Aegis Ticonderoga Cruiser we had in place, took their second one out as soon as we saw the first one go off, it was quick thinking of the captain, the fact that he had that ship drilling to the point they were able to launch in 1/2 the time it normally takes, if not for him, we would have lost this coast as well.”

“See to it he and his whole crew are recognized and advanced a grade General!” Trump told him, then asked. “So what are we going to do with Rocketman, he just used a nuke against us?”

“You know our policy for 70 years has been to respond in kind…” The CJCS started before Trump cut him off.

“I have an idea, should prevent the Russians from reacting as well!” He told them, then explained his plan.

Command Bunker North Korea

“So what are the Americans doing, are the weak imperialist pulling back yet?” Kim asked his commanding General.

“I am waiting for details, we still have not yet gotten our communications back my dear leader” The officers answered him back, then they were both surprised when Kim heard his cell phone ringing.

“I put in the relay so I could be reached here,” Kim said to his officer as he went to answer the phone, “Who is this?”

“Rocketman, this is your enemy President Trump, I have President Putin on the line and Xi Jinping as well, we have all been connected at the same time, I want to tell you so they can hear as well, since you attacked the coast of America with a nuclear EMP device, I am answering in kind in to your attack in kind, it should be there in 3, 2, 1…”

The world went black as the B-61, specially hardened to take out exactly such a structure buried itself deep in the ground, then detonated about half way to the bunker, but the explosion gave off such a huge shockwave, then the next one that followed millions of tons of rock rushed to fill the cavity made instantly by the explosion literally shook the shelter apart where Kim was in, he was ripped from limb to limb, screaming as death took him.

Tel Aviv

The heads around the command bunker turned to the Prime minister, he told them, ” This is going to be watched  by every enemy how effective our defense systems are, but also our ability to retaliate, we will deal that shortly!”

Flicking a switch a large screen came to life, on it was Israel’s ABM assets, on the next screen was a Map of the Middle East that zeroed in on the three warheads headed their way. Turning to the COS of the IDF asked, “Is everything set on automation now?”

“Yes, Sir!” His COS answered.

“Any word where they are headed?” He asked his COS.

“Two are targeting Tel Aviv one is headed for here!” His COS answered.

As a gasp went around the room, he turned to the COS and said, “Take care of it, Israel depends on you!”

He received a terse affirmative.

Turning to the screen he noticed that 6 Arrow 3’s, were lifting off, each trajectory could be seen with two assigned to each of the warheads, turning to his foreign minister said, “You better notify Amman of this,” then sat and watched as the two lines closed in on each other.

Before the two lines met they noticed now there were six Arrow 2 Block-4‘s lifting off, the great thing about all of Israel’s missiles was they could both be destroyed in space if the target was taken out before they were needed, but they could also be re-tasked if the earlier ones took out the target or targets. 

It was not long before the first wave of Arrow’s met the Warheads, cheers went around the world as two of the warheads were destroyed by the first wave, but it took all of them to take their warheads out. He watched as the second set targeted for the warhead was retargeted towards the one still coming, each held their breath as the first set missed, then the second set four of the first six missed.

He saw some of the Magic Wand or David’s sling interceptors lifting off, as they headed up, the ones that were redirected, were meeting up with the last warhead, suddenly in space where there is no sound there was a light explosion in the sky as the last Arrow interceptor went crazy with grown men hugging and crying as they rejoiced.

Then suddenly they stopped, they could see fire in the Prime Minister’s eyes, he turned to his foreign secretary and said after he handed him a file, “Give this to the Americans, we have all the evidence of Iran financing this attack against us, then turning to his COS said, “We will now respond in kind!”

A few minutes later 2 missile doors in Israel flew open, 2 Jericho missiles rose quickly then screamed through the air as they tipped towards Iran,  in a few minutes three small suns exploded over Qom, but not before the leader of Iran was on the phone with the Prime Minister of Israel, who told him just prior to the missiles exploding, “This is justice from Israel!”

The last thought Ayatollah Khomeini had as the bright light had already blinded him, was who was screaming, he faded into oblivion as he realized it was his own. 

I am currently writing a book on a reborn Ottoman Empire, the conflict with Israel that would arise and the ensuing war, this is a little taste of what is to come!

Tim Benton



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