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Warren – We Must Go After All Who Support Trump

Warren – We Must Go After All Who Support Trump

No longer are the Democrats happy with just removing Trump, they see not only is he a huge problem, but anyone that worked for him or supported him. To them, the only reason one could have done this was due to their corruption, Warren a solution, set up investigations to everyone around Trump, in his cabinet, and look to his followers for corruption. 

What we see is a McCarthy type inquisition by the left, this is not only due to their total hatred of everything Trump, but the fact that he had come in and uprooted what they felt was their time.

They knew that 2016 was the time that Clinton would ascend to the Oval Office, they would create a Supreme Court that was friendly to the reworking of all that America stands for, they would remake the constitution, the laws, and force the people to go along, but this was all stopped dead in its tracks by Trump.

Now they want their pound of flesh, but like last time, they are ignoring that they need you and me to go along with this, so move by other insidious means to achieve what they want.

One of the ways they are doing this is what we are currently being forced to watch, the none ending saga of the Democrats trying to remove Trump by any means.

The fact that neither he, nor the Republicans are willing to go along with them is infuriating, they want their pound of flesh. Like semi-finals, they aren’t looking to the game today, they are looking past it to the next one, and like many that have done this, they will pay the price by loosing for they took their eye off the ball.

But the Democrats don’t wish to stop here, Warren, who has been a fierce advocate of anti-corruption legislation, went a step further on las Tuesday by calling for investigations and possible prosecutions of Trump administration officials.

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To appeal to her base, Warren also pledged in the new plan to:

  • Ask for the resignations of all political appointees, including U.S. attorneys, with exceptions for national security and continuity.
  • End federal contracts that the government entered into “as a result of corruption in the Trump administration”
  • Announce her Cabinet choices by Dec. 1, and other top nominations by the middle of that month.
  • Refuse to hire any current lobbyists or any individual who served as a corporate lobbyist in the past six years, with no exceptions.

The plan also calls for a diverse Cabinet and senior leadership team. Warren committed in the plan to have at least half of her Cabinet positions filled by women and people who are “non-binary” or who do not identify as male or female.

Warren and the left have not learned by this, by falling over themselves to show how woke they are, they set their campaigns, later, if they win, their administration to be doomed by infighting.

We now see this with Pete Buttigieg’s campaign, where infighting is tearing his whole campaign apart, where racial quotas are put in place, people have to attend seminars, if they are white, telling them how bad they are due to the color of their skin. This, in turn, encourages everyone to be a victim that is not white, accusations are flying, as minorities accuse whites of not being woke enough.

It turns out the Democrats are not only sure Trump is gone; it seems we saw this in 2016. They are actively engaged in created their policy for when this happens.

The problem with this is if you look at polling, not for the support of the president, that is far too easy to doctor; it is looking at how the nation feels about our current direction, which is very much in favor of Trump.

The Democrats want to go after Trump, the people he placed in positions around him, and then we, his supporters. We heard from a member of Sander’s team that they wanted re-education campsLemon and others say we are unintelligent, then proceed to make a mockery of us, now we have Warren determined to erase Trump and then take out all who supported him.

Welcome to Democrat’s idea of America.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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