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Warren Sends Up Smoke Signals As Impass Continues

Warren Sends Up Smoke Signals As Impass Continues

This weekend saw Elizabeth Warren try to diffuse her claims to be Native American, must say my dog has more Native American in him then she does, and I don’t own a dog. And the impasse over the refusal of the Democrats to give any funding continues, so we continue on with this partial government shutdown.

Warren in speeches this weekend first tried to tell a small group of people how she would be great for the American workers, thus must be why they benefited so greatly under Obama who made the same claim while their jobs all streamed overseas.

Elizebeth Warren
Warren now running for president

She went on to say, “I am not a person of color!” I could have told everyone that, she is paler then parts of me that have never seen the sun, in my 50’s would not subject anyone to being terrorized by such a sight now. That would have been funny, but then she tried to explain this by saying she was part of a tribe, went on about her family history, you know, the high cheekbones bit, that was enough to send her off building a huge fire and sending off smoke signals.

Now, this would have all been amusing, but sadly the mainstream media was buying into it all, they finally found someone that they think can bring a challenge to President Trump in 2020. Hate to burst their bubble, I think Trump and the GOP are wringing their hands in glee over this prospect, Trump vs. Pocahontas oops, I meant Warren. If it happens, just think, more highlights on YouTube where we can watch, seeing the left go into another meltdown as they lose that election.

The Continuing Shutdown

The continued partial shutdown is also continuing to go on, the two sides refuse to move, and the people aren’t happy. Polling right now shows Trump is bearing the blunt of disapproval, followed by the Democrats, then Congress and last the GOP.

This may seem bad, but what you have now are people are looking at Congress under Pelosi and the Democrats, are willing to sign off sending billions to nations that are building or have built their own walls, in foreign aid, but they howl in indignance over spending money on securing our own borders with a wall.

We look at the waste last time the Democrats were in charge of our purse strings; we are still paying the price with Obamacare, remember Pelosi, sign it, you will be surprised by what is inside. We are surprised Pelosi; the problem is it is not a pleasant surprise, we instead have a problem that had Trump not moved against it would have bankrupted this nation.

Pelosi and Schumer give press conference togather.
Warren and Pelosi give joint press briefing.

I and many that read this don’t like a shutdown, but we also don’t like it when the Democrats think they are the only ones that have a right to dictate the direction this nation is headed in. We heard the same argument during the 8 years of Obama, could be why all they could do was set in motion continuance for financing the government, not one spending bill was passed, even when the Democrats controlled both houses.

I would love to see this resolved, but not at the expense of giving up what Trump is demanding and only caving into what the left demands. President Trump, while the press is trying to damn you, we support you, we know the people see what is going on, well other than the liberal loons, but that does not matter, they aren’t interested in the facts anyway.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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