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Washington Post Trails Trump by 16 Percent in Public Approval of Coronavirus Response

Washington Post Trails Trump by 16 Percent in Public Approval of Coronavirus Response

The American people generally approve of how the country is handling the coronavirus response. There’s been some silliness (see Norm Macdonald DESTROYS That Horrible Celebrity “Imagine” Singalong and Apparently Blowing a Hair Dryer Up Your Nose DOESN’T Kill the Coronavirus). But the country as a whole tends to feel everyone is doing the best they can in a shitty situation.

Everyone, except for one group. The only group whose approval is actually under water, as a matter of fact.

Check out that last number. If you can’t see it, let me help:

Yes, the news media’s approval rating is -9%. President Fake News’ approval rating is +22%. That’s a 31-point difference. Or if we’re just comparing approval ratings, Americans approve of Trump more than the media by 16 percent. I say it like that, because here’s how the Washington Post wrote up the results of a similar poll.

The garbage headline is horrible for two reasons. It implies Fauci and Trump were polled head-to-head, as if the two are political opponents. Plus the ONLY REASON for writing it like that is because as the entire planet is dealing with a pandemic — that’s what pandemic means — the news media is working overtime to create a feud between the President of the United States and one of his top advisers.

When the media in this country tells you that the media in this country DOESN’T play sides, there’s a giant bag of dicks with the media’s name on it.

***Shout out to @Steve01741614 who had the idea for the headline


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