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We Are Demanded To Give Reparations Because Of Our Skin Color To Another Based On Theirs. How Is That Not Racist?

We Are Demanded To Give Reparations Because Of Our Skin Color To Another Based On Theirs. How Is That Not Racist?

We have heard the cries, all of us, who have never owned a slave, should give reparations to people who neither they, their parents, their grandparents or even their great grandparents were ever slaves. When is this idiocy going to stop, when there is finally a race war? Why are we are asking people who never held slaves to pay people who were never slaves?

As Americans debate how far the country should go to make amends for slavery and other racial injustices, a conversation reawakened by the killing of George Floyd, a city in North Carolina has taken the first step: It approved reparations for Black residents.

The city, Asheville, N.C., will provide funding to programs geared toward increasing homeownership and business and career opportunities for Black residents as part of a reparations initiative.

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The measure was unanimously approved by the Asheville City Council on Tuesday night, but it stopped short of stipulating direct payments, which are usually associated with reparations. City leaders said their goal was to help create generational wealth for Black people, who have been hurt by income, educational, and health care disparities.

The city, which is in Western North Carolina and has about 93,000 residents, also apologized for its participation in and sanctioning of slavery, as well as other historical injustices perpetrated against Black people, who make up about 12 percent of the city’s population.

Let me be frank. I had nothing to do with slavery; my family wasn’t even here on my mother’s side, they were too busy being prosecuted for being Jewish, on my father’s side my relatives fought for the north to end slavery, so why would I pay for this?

But that is not the narrative; we are told we owe because we are white, how is that not racist? Do blacks that show slave ownership in the past have to pay as well, or do they get a pass because they don’t have the right skin color?

Councilman Keith Young, who is one of two Black members on the Council, was one of the measure’s chief proponents. He said during the group’s meeting that systemic change was long overdue.

“Hundreds of years of Black blood spilled that basically fills the cup that we drink from today,” Mr. Young said.

The momentum for reparations was not limited to Asheville.

In Providence, R.I., the mayor signed an executive order on Wednesday to commence a “truth-telling and reparations process,” The Providence Journal reported. In California, a bill creating a task force to develop reparation proposals for African-Americans was passed in the Assembly in June and was being considered by the Senate.

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But some said the reparations initiative by city leaders in Asheville did not go far enough. And others panned it outright.

We brought in affirmative action to bring some quotas based on race to colleges, this by its right is racist, but now we are told we have to wait in the back of the bus because we have to give race preference to city housing?

What this is going to do is not bring equality, it is going to breed resentment, resentment will breed anger, anger will breed hatred, and hatred will breed racism. These people never seem to learn; you are not bringing equality, it was already achieved, what you have are a group of people who have been taught all their lives if they don’t have something it is due to they are victims, now they think they have a right to take it.

What this is going to do is not bring equality, it is going to breed resentment, resentment will breed anger, anger will breed hatred, and hatred will breed racism.

We have BLM activists telling us that we need to give them our homes, or they will take it. Others are saying they should wipe out all Whites, due to we have inferior genes. One a daily basis, we are told that we should hang our heads in shame because we suffer from white privilege. I must ask, how is this any different then what was once written about blacks to justify the hatred and subjugation of them? One first has to dehumanize people before subjugating them; otherwise, the masses may rebel.

We have seen the same pattern that has been repeated in every socialist revolution. First, you demonize the past, erase history, then go after the people’s rights, base this stripping of rights as being for the better good of the collective. After this, you start to founders, statues of people the masses honor, then begin to demonize the people in power, make it desirable to remove them from their positions. After this is a revolution, soon, the same people screaming about freedom are the same ones oppressing.

Please make no mistake; we have seen the moves against our history, destruction of people we used to look up to. No longer is this contained to people termed “Traitors,” and they were, but now we see attacking Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant, the later had nothing to do with slavery, other than end it.

Churches are under attack; faith is the next thing that has to go. The demand for all beliefs to be dictated by the collective is of paramount importance. Any other belief system has to be stamped out or subjugated.

Last, they move against the people they perceive as evil. It was the landholders, businessmen; they were soon hunted down, slaughtered, or sent to prison in the Russian Revolution. In China, the intellectuals were hunted down and killed to prevent them from teaching the youth anything but obedience to the state, but that is not an issue here, most of this “revolution” is originating from the colleges and the professors.

It is then that the prosecution will start; if you listen, it is a few now calling for the whites’ persecution, give it time, this will grow until it drowns everything else out. The mobs will then turn on the white youth who supported them; they have the wrong skin color. They will justify their actions by what they say happened in the past, erase all history that is not convenient to their narrative, and get the teachers, news, and people to push this.

Reparations? Sorry, this has nothing to do with this; this is an excuse to justify what is going on. Fourth and Fifth generations can’t be held responsible for what was done in the past, any more then people who are the offspring can claim they are somehow owed something. This is the first step of a massive wealth redistribution scheme, nothing more, to take the money; thus, the power from people they want to go.

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