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We Are Being Tested by Powers To Be? This Is A Test We Need To Fail

We Are Being Tested by Powers To Be? This Is A Test We Need To Fail

A Chinese-style world regime where rights are substituted for earned privileges…all while America is being picked clean

We are being tested and watched very closely. The last two years have been checked to see how far we will heel…how obedient we will be. In short, how much bull we can absorb without objection.


We are a massive experiment…guinea pigs if you will. The Twilight Zone episode we are presently living in was simulated back in 2019 with the globalists’ Event 201…a documented conference in New York City and organized by the Gates Foundation, comprised of billionaires, bankers, high-ranking persons, and globalist elites the world over. They simulated a worldwide pandemic, destruction of economies, and how to respond. Two months later, COVID-19 appeared. According to the National Herald of India, in an interview with the BBC, Bill Gates denies such an exercise ever took place. Why?

Dark Winter

In 2001, U.S. officials gathered at Andrews AFB for a high-level exercise simulating a biological attack, an outbreak of smallpox called Dark Winter. In October 2020, candidate Biden issued a warning that the United States would go into a dark winter. These last several months have seen COVID variants appear with calls for more jabs and booster pills, some predicting a smallpox release to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste.’ Remember, smallpox vaccinations were halted in 1972.

For years, globalists have discussed how they could destroy our current civilization and replace it with a new paradigm, a new order where there are no poor, no wanting, no disease. Well, at least that remains the hook. In reality, it is a plan to replace our current world society with a much more controllable one. A depopulated community where billionaires and the elite can remain so indefinitely without competition from any ‘pretenders to the throne. Everything is being thrown at it as a pretext for a global shift…the environment, racism, climate change, poverty, disease, threats of war, wombats in Weehawken, you name it.

COVID-19 is a vital part of the project. It remains the most monstrous human experiment in history, against every law, from every civilized country, including the Nuremberg Code. After reading reports from several top COVID-19 experts, who are not afraid to speak, the reason for COVID-19 was the vaccine, not the other way around. COVID-19 and the vaccine were used to introduce spike protein, a contrived, dangerous toxin, to kill off billions of people without anyone noticing it. Now we have an engineered virus and a mandated vaccine.

Vaccines and the spike protein

The exposure to spike protein (the virus, vaccines, boosters) causes death within days for some (mandated not to be blamed on the vaccine until after 14 days), months, and probably years for others. But the cause and when the death took place is so diverse as to hide the culprit. If people died immediately after the jab, people would know why. Although few autopsies have been given after a COVID death, of the ones they did, the find was remarkable…spike protein was in every organ of the body. The spike protein exacerbates every weakness in the body, so some die of heart attack, some cancer, some pneumonia, diabetes, any number of illnesses. So, the death cannot be blamed on COVID or the vaccine.

They had to initially blame most of the hospital deaths on COVID to create a climate of fear to lock people down, simulate a plague-type atmosphere, a demand for a vaccine. The government paid the medical establishment big bucks for COVID patients. The government (FEMA) even pays the funeral expenses for a COVID death. So, many deaths, even gunshot wounds, were blamed on COVID. Fauci, Bill Gates, and many others came to the ‘rescue’ with the demanded vaccine containing spike protein, without liability, of course.

At the same time, these monsters are trying to tell us that they are only interested in our well-being, using lockdowns, closing our churches, taking away our freedoms, our hope in God, mandating masks and vaccines, making us think we are safer because of them when millions of us have already been exposed to the poison by the vaccines they mandated.

So far, these mass murderers are optimistic but getting impatient. 71% of the U.S. population have received at least one dose of the vaccine. About 60% have been fully vaccinated as of November 30 ( If you listen to the government, they will tell you the number is over 80%. It’s just to make you feel like a holdout, alone. The Blue states are going along the whole hog while the Red states show signs of resistance. If it weren’t for good Red state governors and Red-state moxie, we would all be in masks, behind closed doors, dutifully waiting in line for our next jab.

In partnership with the globalists, the Leftists are testing and training us. They are testing our culture, our patience, and attempting to teach us to expect less, do with less, hopefully, want less…getting us primed for a more spartan existence of another time but with foreign governments, a Chinese-style world regime where rights are substituted for earned privileges…all while America is being picked clean.

I don’t believe legislators or politicians will get us out of this mess. It will be patriots everywhere who decide not to get in line for the slaughter. 2022 will be the year that decides the fate of billions.

This is one test you do not want to pass.

Cross-posted from Canada Free Press

Notes from the Editor

We see the endless COVID news; people are prepped to live in fear, fearful people will do as they are told. With Crises after Crises, we see an infinite need to lock down, be in quarantine. As soon as one crisis is passed, another starts.

Now, is COVID real? Of course it is. Does it take lives? It does that as well; I can personally attest to this. But I have found the lives it takes are the elderly, the infirmed, the people with pre-existing conditions, which is what we had in my house; it tips these people, who are already in a dire medical state, and pushes them over the edge.

But this is not whom we are protecting; we have in the name of protecting them locked down the healthy, the very little at risk. This makes no sense at all. But the god-king Fauci, who changes his story as much as my wife used to change clothes, now wants us to think he and only he is the science.


If you do, we are told not to question, even if you are a professional in the field, such as an immunologist or virologist. You are silenced if you are put on any social network site where you disagree with the official findings. This is not science; this is a fascist type of control of information; it is not for our good; it is to ensure that we only get the officially approved message. Since when has politics decided what a scientific fact is?

While I will by no means give you medical advice, I am not qualified to; I can tell you this, do your research, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor hard questions, then decide what is best for you, not what is best as stated by some bureaucrat up in Washington DC.

We at 0censor run off of your goodwill, with the Holidays upon us we are once more raising funds to continue our services into the next year. We only ask that you give what you can, this business is one of love, but anything you can donate helps!

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