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Time To Stop Being The Silent Majority, We Are Silent No More!

Time To Stop Being The Silent Majority, We Are Silent No More!

We have been told we are the silent majority, protesting and marching in the streets is beneath us, boycotts are for the left, we will not protest, we will use our moral superiority to demand that we get our way. I have to break it to you, but this Silent Majority is not working, it is time for us to be the Angry Majority, the Demanding Majority or better yet, The Unsilent Majority!

For years it was known you had Rock and Roll that was the wild child, Country Music would sing about a woman someone pined after, gospel songs and basically upheld the old Christian traditions, that is no longer. 

Getting caught up in the wave we see from the entertainment industry where liberalism is the only acceptable way of thought, if you are conservative and Republican, you need not even bother apply. This week we saw this carried out with the dismissal of a long time music fan Mike Huckabee who was forced off the Country Music Association Foundation Board Thursday, less than a day after being appointed, because of backlash against his conservative views.

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I have to admit, this surprised me, but then it didn’t, I should have known that even country music, which for years held to the traditional values that made this nation great would sooner or later cave into the demands of the liberal left that controls the entertainment industry with an iron fist. I must ask, “We are the ones that purchase these songs, our money is what makes possible the CMA along with the other organizations, our paying to watch movies in theaters make possible the lifestyle and influence we see from the Hollywood and the entertainment industry. WHY ARENT WE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?”

I for one am tired of being part of the silent majority, we say nothing, do nothing, sit on our hands, feel bad that this is happening, play the martyrs and go on our way. We saw the NFL come under immense pressure as their viewership dropped due to protests against our American flags, and this was great, but these people protest against something even more important and long lasting, our faith and we do nothing. PEOPLE, WE HAVE A VOICE!

We have sat still and did nothing while the man we voted for has come under vicious attacks from the left. We kept our mouths quiet while they marched in the streets, threatened a revolution. We watched celebrities come out, say the nastiest things, attack us for daring to have a faith, believe that something was greater than our instant gratification. We have been told by politicians that we are deplorable, useless, uneducated, our opinions mean nothing to them as they tried to tell us how to believe! NO MORE.

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We need to start doing what the left does, we need to stop being silent, with silence nothing ever gets done. We need to get angry, shout, “We demand you hear us!” Polls show Trump has edged up towards the 50%, that means that even though 50% of us are supporting Trump, the other 50% are acting like this is of little or no importance, we need to show them it is. 

Over the next couple of days, I am going to start putting out T-Shirts, setting up a website, we are looking in the future of building a coalition to build up support for our cause, we want this to be the way things are, or we are going to bring in our own spokespersons, open lobbying firms, set up boycotts and finally strike at these people with the only thing they care about and will listen to, their pocketbooks. 

No longer can we afford to be silent, our silence is killing us, letting the progressive left win. We have seen the president we voted for under assault not seen since the civil war. We have been told by much of the press, the entertainment industry, the very people we fund with our money, how we should think, who is acceptable for us to vote for, this needs to stop, we need to start now boycotting them to let them know that our money is our voice, either listen or watch your industry dry up. It is easy to grumble it is hard to put this in action. We are left with two choices, either we give in or give up. 

With this in mind, I am starting up over the next week with your help Silent No More, we need this to be crowdfunded, my income is tied into 0censor, but I need a platform that we can tie together like-minded people, put together the right to act, motivate people to vote, put a movement together to show that the Silent Majority have woken up, we will be Silent No More!

To show my commitment to this, I have just purchased, will be working on building it in the next week. Will be looking for people that can help me manage this, also will be speaking with political leaders that wish to be part of this. I just purchased this, if you wish to help now, please help with the go fund me page, this will enable me to set it up, set up promotions, we can make this work, it only takes one person bringing another!



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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