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We Need To Stop Playing Into The Media’s Insurrection Narrative

We Need To Stop Playing Into The Media’s Insurrection Narrative

I am now looking over articles from both conservative and liberal sites, see the word “insurrection” splashed all over the headlines, breathless reporters talking about how this break-in with the capital was an insurrection but was it?

Before we start off, maybe it would be best to establish what a insurrection is:

INSURRECTION (in·sur·rec·tion):

a violent uprising against an authority or government: “the insurrection was savagely put down”

While there was violence, it was very sporadic; less than 100 people broke into the capital, hundreds of thousands were protesting peacefully, supporting the election, or more accurately, to support challenging the election results. This was not an insurrection; it was an act of protest.


We are told that Trump orchestrated this, Congress is voting on impeachment due to him formulating an insurrection, but is this the case? If you look at Trump’s tweets, he never told people to react violently; he asked them to march peacefully to show support for their congress members who challenged accepting the electoral votes.

We have seen marches on the capital; some were in the name of racial equality. Other marches were done in the name of supporting unions. We have never heard that calling for such things as illegal. Further, saying to march peacefully is not a crime, if this is the new criteria we are presenting, shouldn’t we go after the Democrat leadership who called for marches? Even Harris did this, Maxine Waters encouraged her supporters to harass and chase out Trump’s cabinet members; Trump never did anything like this, so why aren’t they charged?

We are told the president, by telling the people to march, is responsible for this. Are we then to assume that all violence done with the Black Lives Matter riots this summer is the left’s responsibility? Should they be presented with a bill for the $1.5 billion in damages? Should they be impeached as well for supporting what was really sedition? Or this simply another case of double standards we have grown so accustomed to?

Last year, we saw insurrections, the autonomous zones, where they did not recognize the United States’ authority in that area, told city officials to stay out, threatened and attacked the police, that would meet such a definition. Where leaders with Black Lives Matter said either give them what they demand (more free stuff, let them assault police and nothing will be done, give them reparations) if they did not get this, they were going to burn this system (country) to the ground, that is calling for an insurrection.

Yet in this, we never heard people saying they should burn the capital to the ground. If you look at the people that broke into the capital, and yes, they broke in, there were no weapons. I have seen two people with zip ties hanging on their belts, one person with a bat, but where is the intent? If the act did not occur with the law, you have to show intent, then you can charge with attempted sedition, or with homicides, attempted homicide, yet there is none shown. The press says there is, but they show nothing to back this up.


These people are guilty of acting criminally, stupid, without a thought towards what their actions will bring about. Still, their actions hardly show signs of a coup or insurrection, yet this will be thrown out and done repeatedly to support the narrative the Left and the press are trying to present.

Sadly the GOP leadership has been cowed into following this narrative; rather than speak out, they have forgotten the election, turned on Trump. This is what we call leadership? Maybe it is time for different leaders.

Why is this so important?

The reason is clear; nothing drives fear in both sides’ hearts who are corrupted by the system then the specter of having Trump repeat in 2024 what he did in 2016. To prevent this, they will try to impeach him after he is out of office (which is a violation of the constitution); impeachment is set up to remove from office, not to prevent someone who already is removed from running again, that is up to the courts, not Congress.

What we have is not an impeachable offense; exercising free speech is not a violation of the law. Rather the fact that Trump won could threaten to do so again (and yes, this is up for debate), which is seen as a threat to the establishment, that is enough to violate his constitutional rights, to blame the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors as violent, to make sure everyone knows, they better never repeat the horror of 2016.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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