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What About the Russian Probe?

What About the Russian Probe?

The Special Counsel


What started as the Russian Probe has over time seemed to take on a life of itself, we see actions now that show not an investigation into Russia and possible collusion, but so much more. One has to wonder, what is the real goal of this investigation, is it to find potential collusion or just an attempted to dig dirt on Trump, no matter how far back they go. 

With the hundreds of millions spent, one after another person has been called into a Senate investigation or a congressional one. We have heard speculation, thousands of hours of programming with special teams of investigators all across the networks, reporters, and special investigators pounding the beat, trying to scrape up, turn over every stone, digging up anything they can find to show Trump has colluded with the Russians; there is even a special counsel with the former head of the FBI, their offices, a whole team of people brought in that were former prosecutors, attorneys, and FBI investigators, they have joined the fray, all digging desperately to find something, anything they can bring up and show that their job they are doing and the millions spent are being used wisely. With all of this, the fact that even a conversation with the president of Mexico is leaked to the press, we have not heard one squeak concerning even a hint of collusion with Trump.

With this we now hear that the investigation, which was to show collusion, not just by Trump, but by anyone is starting to take a dangerous turn for the very people that demanded it be put in effect, for now, they are eye balling Clinton’s head of her election committee, John Podesta, turns out he now was a lobbyist, for of all people, the Ukrainians, but never reported this (weren’t these the same people that had Hillary’s Team come in and offer to help them dig dirt on Trump?).

It was not good that to date this had not been looked into, or it could have, we don’t know what the investigation until now has uncovered, but there is more. We have Clinton while Sec of State signing off on a deal of selling over 20% of our Uranium to Russia interests, what is funny is while this was going on the same people involved also paid her husband $500,000 for a speech, then donated $140,000 million to the Clinton charity, have to say, it was fun watching her supporter squirm last night when questioned about this, the poor man was sweating and looking like he wanted to run.

Snopes tried to discredit this, but the Huffington Post outlet did a rather poor job, one has to ask, which they didn’t since then has Clinton ever received this type of money from these parties? Or why was it only received at the time of the deal? Funny how they refuse to answer this, further, the New York Times has reported that this Uranium that is supposed to be controlled with an iron-clad system, much of it has shipped out to Canada, now we don’t know where it has shipped from there.

One must ask, with all collusion with Russia being looked at, why hasn’t the Clinton’s been brought in yet, and who was in charge of signing off on this? Clinton, who else would have to do this? The Obama administration.

We need to look into cleaning up everything, I for one will say, if Trump is found guilty of collusion, then force him out of office, but if he is not, the press sure is going to look like a bunch of idiots saying he was for so long. But this should apply to everyone, the Russians, who for years was protected by the political left, with their love of socialism, now are the enemy, you hear people on the news saying what they did was an act of war, not that I would go that far, many on both sides of the Isle are yelling the same. But I must ask, while I find this distasteful if they had, hasn’t the United States ourselves been doing this type of thing for years?

I recall in the last elections in Israel, Obama sent his election staff over to Israel to help try to unseat their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, actually had money from the state department illegally funneled to a group who was trying to unseat him, that is against the law. So one has to ask if the Democrats think this is acceptable to do even to our allies, why are they are so outraged that someone would dare do it back? And please, don’t misunderstand this, I know someone will say I am supporting this, I don’t, I don’t think we should be interfering with the elections of anyone, nor should anyone be doing it with us, the system works in the knowledge that our votes are held sacred.

So I want to ask the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, “If you are investigating, and looking into all forms of collusion, then why aren’t you calling in Obama and his administration, why hasn’t Hillary been called in? We have a case where the dots when connected show a pattern that is disturbing at best, outright illegal at worst.

What about the uranium, some that has gone missing, that is terrifying, to say that you can’t show where it went, the Russians who the democrats say committed an act of war, they gave them control over some of our uranium reserves, and instead of screaming for an investigation into this, a deal I may add that Robert Mueller not only knew of but was also at the same time investigating Russians for bribing and eventually sentenced for this, he signed off on this deal, yet now he is the one heading this investigation, Mr. Mueller, maybe  you should also call yourself in.

I don’t like the idea of a witch hunt, and this is all that is at this point, but as we have seen, sometimes when you call up such a thing, you might be the one that ends up being stung. We need to talk to our representatives, ask why this is not demanded, it makes no sense, and if it only because the Clinton’s, Mueller and the rest are Democrats, then maybe we should start to look at replacing the ones in Congress and the Senate that is protecting them, come to think of it, where was the GOP during all of this, when they had a majority in both houses, why didn’t they look into this? Instead, they were busy giving Obama what he demanded, something they can’t even do when they control both houses and have a GOP president, maybe we should clean them all out and bring in people that will do their job, not see whom they can protect on both sides of the Isle.

All we have seen to date are petty charges, lying to the FBI, if anything this will teach everyone, if the FBI comes calling, you would be best to not say a word to them, if you forgot something, which I do all the time, they just might charge you with a felony of lying to them, even if you didn’t mean to. So where is the actual substance of this investigation, why is it that not a shred of proof has come out yet that shows any Trump collusion? All we have to date is something one did that was long before he worked for Trump, another who the Trump team did not accept his offer to reach out to the Russians, and of all shocking things, some went to a Russian attorney in what now looks like a set up by the Clinton camp, where is there any evidence of collusion and if not, why the investigation going off on something that has nothing to do with collusion?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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