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What if Dems Try To Seat Jackson While Breyer Is Still On The Court To Stop Overturning Of Roe v Wade

What if Dems Try To Seat Jackson While Breyer Is Still On The Court To Stop Overturning Of Roe v Wade

With the word that Roe v Wade is coming to an end, the Left is in desperation to stop such an event from happening; now, there are rumblings they could try to seat incoming Justice Jackson before Justice Breyer vacates his seat to force an extra vote in the court concerning Roe v Wade.

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Marsha Blackburn went over this and the problem it would bring in an interview with Ben Shapiro:

“In April he (Biden) did sign those commission papers appointing her to the court. And I think it’s going to be interesting to see if the left starts pushing Justice Roberts to seat Judge Jackson because they are trying to push the balance of the court. They’re trying to pack the court. They’re trying to expand the court,” Blackburn told the Daily Caller…

“There is a framework in place that should keep that from happening. But what we have to be aware of is that the Democrats are taking unprecedented actions. And when you look at what has transpired, when you have Chuck Schumer out there attempting to intimidate or threaten or silence the court and undermine its legitimacy, that is something that is of concern,” she added.

“This week he (Schumer) has been active in trying to undermine the legitimacy of the court and his comment about ‘everything being on the table.’ I just think it is smart for us to be mindful and watchful,” Blackburn said.

She is right; the Left, at this point, has lost their mind. They feel that this ruling by the court threatens to undermine what they have been doing for the last 75 years – using the bench to enact legislation they could not get passed in the halls of congress.

We know the state of mind of the Left; we have leadership, such as Schumer, trying to intimidate the court to rule the way he demands. We have members of Congress who have said if Roe v Wade is overthrown, the young adults should take up arms and start a revolution (funny how the left has accused Trump supporters of this since Jan sixth of last year, even though there is no evidence, now are openly calling for this themselves (I have learned over time to wait; what the Left is accusing others of, they end up doing themselves).

Expect the attacks not only to come against Republicans over this but expect the attacks to turn to threats against some of their own that will not go along with court-packing or doing away with the filibuster. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who has held they oppose their college’s attempts to pack the court and do away with the filibuster, show no sign of bending to the pressure now being applied to them.

Then there is the problem with the case itself; Jackson was not there during the hearings, and as such, she would have to recuse herself from the case.

But expect court-packing to continue to be pushed until the new Congress and Senate step in; the Left, knowing that their time is short, will grow in desperation as this becomes evident. We now see demands to pack the court, claiming that somehow Trump’s picks were illegitimate:

Others are demanding time limits for Supreme court justices:

I have no problem with this, but if we are going to do this with the court, shouldn’t we do this for the Senate and House?

The other move that seems to be gaining steam is to rope in the Republicans that lean more to the left and support abortion, such as Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, but this could also be in doubt due to how the Democrats have constructed a bill they want these two to get involved with that protects abortion.

As reported in Politico:

Blumenthal wrote up a bill that strips out non-binding language that some Democrats found controversial — including statements linking abortion to “white supremacy” and “gender oppression” and emphasizing that the protections in it apply both to women and “transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others.”

However, the mechanics of the bill remain the same: It still states that medical workers have a right to provide abortions and patients have a right to receive them. The measure would also block states from adopting some of the kinds of bans and restrictions on the procedure currently allowed under Roe — like mandatory waiting periods — deemed “medically unnecessary” and override states that have already imposed such laws…

Collins suggested Wednesday that the changes to the non-binding language won’t be enough to get her backing for the Democratic bill. She and Murkowski raised concerns that the Democratic-authored legislation is too broad in overriding state laws and their effect on religious liberty.

After seeing their nominee for president failing in a way that has not been seen yet, he is making Carter look competent; the likely loss of the Senate and House to the GOP, the Democrats are desperate for a victory, even if it is just a symbolic one.

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At this time, it looks like the Democrats could get Collins and Murkowski to support a basic bill that would codify Roe for the first trimester. Still, I wonder if the more radical wing of the Democrats would find this acceptable, they want to codify this for the whole nine months. If they do, they will lose these two pro-choice Republicans.

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