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What is Wrong with the US Congress and Senate?

What is Wrong with the US Congress and Senate?

What is Wrong with the US Congress and Senate?

After President Obama was elected and Obamacare was put into effect despite an outrage from the American public, we saw a litany of conservative politicians come out and with sorrowful looking faces tell the American public how they felt their pain, if only they would elect them into office they would put in place a stop gap to halt what Obama was doing, then when they had the power they would overturn this burden to the American people called Obamacare. We saw them take both houses, hold on to power until Obama was gone, then when Trump won the election they suddenly forgot all their promises and did nothing. Must say, we would have been better off having Democrats in power, at least this way we could have understood the total lack of getting anything done, there is no excuse for it now. So, what is the problem?

In a nutshell, it starts with Mitch McDonald who has done nothing to aid in pushing to repeal Obamacare, it includes the likes of John McCain who seems to be more concerned in stopping President Trump then in serving the interest of the nation. You can add in Senator Capito, Senator Susan Collins, Senator Portman. this is just to name a few, we need to question what they are doing, seems they are more intent on stopping the progression of GOP bills then in aiding pushing them forward. What is more, these are the same people that did not vote to stop Obama, instead gave in to his demands, yet stood on podiums and yelled, all the while making backroom deals that showed all they were was spewing hot air.

Add to this the fact that Congress has to date put out over 300 items on the table of the Senate, to date they have passed ZERO, shows that the Senate is broken, it needs to be fixed, so the question begs, how do you fix such a broken system?

First you have to look at the people obstructing,  start with the top, Senator McDonald, he needs to be replaced in the leadership, then we need to start looking for challengers who can bring up a grassroots style campaign that will go into Washington and put in place what we the voters voted for, not what special interests are demanding of the people they pay while in office. President Trump and now Roy Moore, who in spite of being far outspent due to money pouring in from the GOP was able to win the nomination, that is what we need to push to run for office, the money will not matter if we get out and draw in the votes.

Second, we need to look at term limits, and this is not just for Senators, this should be for both the house and the Senate, the Senate should be able to serve no more than 2 terms, since they serve 6 years a term, it would make sense to cut them off after two. The US House should be limited to 6 terms, this would put both in the same period served, we would be doing this greatly reduce the influence of special interests, since the people elected would realize they have only 12 years to do what they came to do, they would be more interested in leaving a legacy as citizen legislators rather than lifelong ones that are beholding to the influence of lobbyist.

We need to do more, to stop the corruption with items such as health care, all legislators need to pick up the health care that they are offering to the American people, when both they and their families are then under the same system, do you think they would be as willing to put their families under the same rules that they demand we live under?

There needs to be a grassroots organization, loosely held by each district that watches what our legislators are doing, hold them accountable for their actions, if they lose sight of whom they are serving, they need to be made to understand that these very people will go door to door, campaign at parts and on sidewalks until these people are removed, we need to bring more accountability to these legislators.

It does not matter what side of the political spectrum you come from, like it or not both sides are so corrupt that they no longer are working for the ones that elected them into office, they are working for their selfish desires of power, making sure special interest are taking care of, and every two or six years they come out, act like they care, throw a couple bones out and we once more elect them back into office forgetting their actions when they were not campaigning.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Virginia

    Replace everyone of them. Cut to term limits, they need be sat out to pasture

  2. Virginia

    Replace everyone of them. Cut to term limits, they need be sat out to pasture

    • Timothy Benton

      Have called for exactly the same thing for years, seems finally people are starting to listen.


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