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What To Do About Mexico And The Border?

What To Do About Mexico And The Border?

We have for a while now be deluged with illegal immigrants coming from Central and South America, along with Chinese, Iranians and other nations, who come into Mexico and pay to be smuggled into the US. Mexico seems to refuse to do anything about this, yet we continue to reward them with hundreds of billions in commerce and billions in aid, this needs to stop.

The problem I have is we have traditionally, at least in my lifetime had a great relationship with Mexico, have over the years pumped billions into their economy in both trade and aid, yet they seem to despise us for this, at least the government does.

Prior to 2017 the US was averaging $320 million per year in aid, in 2017 and 2018 we gave an additional $134.6 million, and what have we gotten for this aid? A spike in illegal border crossings, Mexico aiding these illegal immigrants by busing them from their souther border to our southern border, how on earth does this help us in any way.

And this is not all the money we are being hit with. In the article THE HIDDEN TRUTH – COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS we figured in 2016 the cost of illegal immigration with the stress put on our infrastructure, schools, hospitals, along with earnings made here and shipped home to Mexico, instead of being reinvested into our economy cost us $115,894,597,664 , this is a huge number.

In 2018 we spent $700 billion in defense spending, in other words, ever 6 years we are giving away with little benefit for this nation a year of our total investment into our military. I love how the left loves to say if we cut this or that, we could offer college for free, how about we cut off illegal immigration, the savings alone could pay for the cost of tuition of every student.

In 2014 it was reported, the cost to pay for all college tuition cost would run about $62.6 billion dollars, even if you add in 25% inflation over the last 5 years in cost, you would still be able to cover this cost with the money saved.

But this is not what the left wants, they not only want to open our borders, thus compounding this much worse then what it is, they want to also give these illegals free money in social services, include them in this free education, all while taking away from you and me to do this. And they dare say they are for the American people? I must say, if a friend told me they cared about me, yet kept stealing from me to give to strangers, I would not think of them as a friend for very long; would you?

So What To Do?

At this time there is little or no incentive for Mexico to stop this, while threats may shake them up, they and we both know that shutting down the border most likely will not happen, so what can we do to stop this?

First, We need to secure our border, what Trump is doing is correct, if the Congress is either too stupid or corrupt to give the money, then do what he is supposed to do, secure the safety of this nation, this invasion is endangering this, put up the walls.

Second, we need to make it harder for employers to hire illegals. Double the fines, make e-verify mandated for every business. This would greatly reduce the number of businesses that would be driven to hire in illegals for the sake of cheaper labor.

Third, we need to extend e-verify to every aspect of American life. If you want to rent a home, this should be checked. Want to get utilities, other such things, do the same, this will quickly put a halt to this, if you come here and have no place to stay or go, you will go back home. States and cities should have their federal funding 100% halted if they refuse to comply with this. No more sanctuary cities or states.

Fourth, all the money being sent home should be taxed. If you want to wire money across the wire to your nation of origin, this should then be taxed, I would start this at about 35% to help pay for infrastructure. In the article
THE HIDDEN TRUTH – COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS we figure money sent to just Mexico comes out to $69 billion, this alone would finance over $13 billion of the money needed to fund construction of the wall, add money going to other nations that would climb exponentially. We could finance and build the whole wall in just a couple of years.

Fifth, we need to find politicians with the spine to do what is needed for AMERICAN citizens, not the illegal ones, as we see so much from the left. If they don’t wish to do this, then it is time to form political action groups and get rid of them, bring in new people with the guts to go for what needs to be done. We need to learn from the left how to do this, follow their example, start boycotts and pressuring companies and people supporting this type of thing.

Sixth, cut off all aid, shut down all imports and exports if Mexico will not comply. While it would hurt us, and do terrible things to the economy, it would, in the end, bring back manufacturing to the US, would once more make us learn to be dependent on ourselves, rather then find our economy shut down if we are not tapped into the global economy.

In the end Mexico will be stuck with one of two choices, see their economy fail, or comply, that is how you do things. It may hurt our wonderful growth we have seen since Trump took office, but it would benefit us in the end if we could lower this problem of illegals from a tsunami to a trickle.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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