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What’s Next For The Democrats?

What’s Next For The Democrats?

After what is seen by many as a horrendous week for the DNC, we saw them fall flat on their condemnation of anti-semitism, focus on useless bills, and decide the only thing that matters to them is not running this nation, rather to do whatever they must in order to destroy Trump, one has to wonder, “What is next for the Democrats?”

When you look at what is happening now, the Jews are starting to wake up to this anti-Semitic streak by the left, how the new members of the party are driving the agenda, and they bring a hatred of Israel and all things Jewish, how is the Jewish left going to react?

Some are going to do what they have always done, make excuses, try to explain away the hatred we all see, but many more are now saying they can’t be part of a party which supports such hatred and racist attitudes. This could be the most significant blow the Democrats could experience out of this.

But this is nothing new, we have seen this building for years now. During the presidential elections in 2012, the DNC could not get a unified vote to show support for Israel, they had to use sleight of hand to get it to pass due to objections from this growing faction of the DNC that is now seizing power within the party.

But there is more, we now see this same group with leaders like Ilhan standing up to and vocally stating to everyone they do not support any action the US takes in Venezuela, they do nothing but accuse the US of human rights abuses, take the side of our enemy over their own nation, and further, they come right out and say this nation is a evil nation, just like Obama’s old friend, Rev. Wright.

We now see the slide towards full socialism, the members on the left pushing for this are no longer silent, they openly state their intent. They give new names like Progressive Socialism, or Democrat Socialist, but in the end there is no difference between what they are pushing and what the communist in Russia and China tried to force on the earth before they found out their ideology did not work.

What we hear now from the left that immigration is not a problem, yet if you look at the numbers, we are rapidly approaching record numbers of illegals trying to get into this nation.

Then there is the Green Deal, all the left seems to be jumping in on this, yet this, if implemented would be a restructuring that would bury this nation back into a total depression economically, would force every homeowner to change their home to get it up to codes, and would rip away any economic momentum we have going.

Image result for dr. moore founder of Greenpeace

Dr. Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace said in regards to the New Green deal:

The so-called Green New Deal is a massive scheme to, among other goals, restructure the U.S. economy. It is being advanced by a coalition of radical communist and socialist Democrats in Congress led by U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). A resolution (H. Res. 109) “recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal (GND)” already has 67 co-sponsors in the House. If the scheme outlined in the resolution expressing the “sense of the House” is implemented, it would seek to eliminate air travel, the eating of steaks, the use of hydrocarbons, and more. It would aim to completely end all emissions of CO2 — an essential gas exhaled by every living person and required by plants — over the coming decade.

None of this matters to the new left, AOC who is leading this charge, when asked how this would be financed, she can’t answer, only that such a deal would bring a new economy. That is the problem, in a nutshell, they are making demands, but have no clue how to implement or pay for them, I am beginning to think that these leaders think all you have to do is print money, there will be no ramifications for this.

So where do they go? I would say the Democrats have only one direction to go, they are going to go down. What they are failing to realize, is that even though they can energize the youth, it is we adults who determine the direction of this nation, it is our money that makes this all work.

Ideology is nice, but not always practical, nor should it be, ideology is about dreams, unfortunately we live where we have to be awake to navigate what is facing us, this is where the left is failing, they seem to think as long as you think something, it will be, life doesn’t work like that.

The Democrats took a major fall in 2016, they came back in the Mid-Terms, motivated their youth to participate, but it is the Presidential elections when the majority of us adults vote, although I must admit, I vote in them all, figure I have no right to complain if I am not willing to commit to vote. The Democrats are going to pay for this strong pivot to the far left in 2020, the question is, will they learn from it? Or will they do what they did this last election, continue to move further and further to the extreme left?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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