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When Race Is Used As A Deflection Against Criticism

When Race Is Used As A Deflection Against Criticism

Over the last couple of days, we have seen the far-left socialist members of the “squad,” freshmen senators of the far left, claim that criticism of their policies they are pushing is racist.

Just a few days after claiming that Pelosi was racist for daring to stand up to them, they have taken it a step further and in a conference today, all the members, but AOC showed up and claimed the same, then went on to say they will support a platform contrary to what the Democratic leadership supports.

The problem with this who debacle is the claim that the criticism is against them for their skin color, they could not be more wrong, it is due to the outrageously stupid idea’s they are trying to push on the world.

First, you have four freshmen who think the power they wield is far greater then what it, in reality, is, because you have a large following on Twitter, or some other social platform does not give you one vote in Congress. That is done by reaching out to other members in your party, or reaching across the aisle and looking for others that will join in supporting what you are trying to push.

When you present an idea, and you can’t get one person from across the aisle to give even a hint of support, but worse, you can’t even get any support within your caucus, you are the problem, not the other members.
The problem is with these members; all four are women of color, something they are accusing Pelosi and others as the reason they are ignoring, or “disrespecting” them, the fact that supporters are also voicing whenever any criticism is thrown their way.

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“We never need to ask for permission or wait for an invitation to lead,” Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said when asked what she would say to women of color who are frustrated or hurt by comments that seek to minimize their impact or vilify them. She said later that there’s a “constant struggle often with people who have power about sharing that power.”

Omar added: “We are not really in the business of asking for the share of that power. We’re in the business of trying to grab that power and return it to the people.”

The problem with this is Omar like the others refuse to accept that the problem is not her skin color, it is the idiocy she is trying to espouse, and in many cases the outright hatred she is supporting. What is more interesting, these members claim to be fighting with love while supporting their hateful ideology.

“I think you have to be unapologetically you,” Tlaib said. “Sometimes that means — I know for me and a number of my sisters, we represent our districts, and we focus on the things that matter in our districts and to bring them into this space. And that does sometimes — that does mean I have to vote no on detaining children at the border.”

Maybe what she needs to understand here is what is important to here own constituents is not important to most everyone else, to try to push a small minorities ideology on the rest of us simply is not going to work. To try to use racism as a means to try to ram it down our throats, that is only going to make what you are presenting as not palpable to anyone else.

“The women of color who have entered Congress, they’re more than four votes,” said Aimee Allison, the founder of She the People and the panel’s moderator. “For millions of us, these women of color in Congress represent generations of blood, sweat and tears and struggle.”

And here is the problem, once more we see martyrdom by these leaders, they make things like the Green New Deal, securing our borders, basically following the rule of law, a thing of racism, it is not, it is something that should transcend any racial lines.

Don’t get me wrong, there is racism in the US, but by claiming disagreement is based on racism when it is not, you destroy the stigma that used to be applied to the term. It used to be if you were called a racist, you would go to the ends of the world to erase such a stigma that was applied to you, today, sadly, the left has destroyed that stigma by using the term as a political battering ram. Today all being called a racist means is you are not a liberal; how sad.

To use the term “racist” as a means to deflect inquiry or criticism of what you are espousing is nothing but a method of trying to be what you are accusing others of, acting like a dictator, claiming your opinions are beyond question.

No one is free from criticism or questioning what you are trying to bring into the halls of government; your color should mean nothing, this great country of ours was built upon great debate, understanding, and yes, sometimes even comprise. If you take this away, you bring a country that will slowly turn into a tyrannical government, not the one we have now.

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