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When The System Breaks Down, Why Isn’t It Being Blamed?

When The System Breaks Down, Why Isn’t It Being Blamed?

We saw the hysteria of CNN in a large rally, attacking everyone but the people who could have stopped the attack, rather than deal with their failures the sheriff joined in the attack. With kids that we now know had scripted questions from CNN things quickly escalated out of control, speakers screamed at and called murderers, like they were there, the press egged it on, this was the narrative they wanted. By why weren’t the people that are part of this system, the ones that screwed up being blamed?

We saw in CNN’s rally while the kids were allowed to ask questions, questions we learned yesterday were scripted by them. T, they moved the crowd to turn on Mark Rubio screaming that he wasn’t doing anything. Then when the NRA spokesperson stood up she was quickly interrupted and barely able to answer without being interrupted by someone calling her a murderer. 

First, let’s look at the NRA, then we will address the rest. The NRA was founded in 1871, as moves in Congress to try to push through bills working to attack what they saw as gun rights, they would inform their constituents of the laws, have done so since then, they would lobby legislators to do something in line with what their constituents wanted. Now I know some are demonizing them, but they are no different than any other group, with the continuous assault on our 2nd amendment rights, they are there to try to give pushback to protect the rights. That does not make them evil; it means they are doing exactly what their members wish them to do. 

I have heard people saying that the lobbyist needs to go, I disagree. First, they are there to represent special interest groups; this is an expression of free speech, if you agree or don’t, that is immaterial, they have the right to voice what their members put them there to voice. As reported in Washington post, and I quote:

Everyone knows the First Amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly. How many remember that, in addition, the First Amendment protects a fifth freedom — to lobby?

Of course it doesn’t use the word lobby. It calls it the right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Lobbyists are people hired to do that for you, so that you can actually stay home with the kids and remain gainfully employed rather than spend your life in the corridors of Washington.

To hear the candidates in this presidential campaign, you’d think lobbying is just one notch below waterboarding, a black art practiced by the great malefactors of wealth to keep the middle class in a vise and loose upon the nation every manner of scourge: oil dependency, greenhouse gases, unpayable mortgages and those tiny entrees you get at French restaurants.

Some will argue that not all lobbyists are good, to which Krauthammer offers the following:

There is a defense of even bad lobbying. It goes like this: You wouldn’t need to be seeking advantage if the federal government had not appropriated for itself in the 20th century all kinds of powers, regulations, intrusions and manipulations (often through the tax code) that had never been presumed in the 19th century and certainly were never imagined by the Founders. What appears to be rent-seeking is thus redress of a larger grievance — insufferable government meddling in what had traditionally been considered an area of free enterprise.

I agree, with the continuous assault against guns, the outright call by many with the press supporting them to do away with the second amendment, the interest of the people that find this right as part of our national fiber, they have as much right to be heard as the ones that are attacking this amendment. So attacking a group or its spokespersons is wrong, they have equal right to be heard as the ones that feel the 2nd Amendment is outdated. This by no means that the NRA is either good or bad, just that they are doing exactly what their members put people in place in their organization to do. 

Now, on to the System. I think the most shocking thing about the CNN meeting they had two nights ago was the screaming by the sheriff there at Dana Loesch, yet it was his department that had 39 calls to the shooters home, nothing was ever done. The FBI has investigated the obvious mental issues this young man had, yet nothing was done there either, so what does the Sheriff do? The age-old act you have seen since they had the first government official, he went into CYA mode, started to shuffle the blame away from him. 

And now we find out they did have security in place that should have stopped the shooter, there is only one slight problem, when the killer started shooting at people he stayed outside and hid, so much for protection, yet this is the NRA’s fault? No, it was able to go as long as it did because rather than go in and kill that coward, he instead turned coward and hid. 

So what should have been done? The young man in question should have at least been in the system so he would have been prohibited from getting his hands on any weapons, they should have also had documentation due to threats and outright violence he was kicked out of school, then came back when he was done to shoot up the place, yet nothing was done, that is not the NRA’s fault, that is the systems, yet the left would have you labelled a traitor if you dare point this out. 

As I stated yesterday in When Does The Price of Safety and Security Cost Too Much, politicians will talk, would most likely talk all our ears off, but little or nothing will ever be done in the near term, we need some concrete acts now. We need first to have every school inspected by the local police departments to see where they could increase their efforts to harden up their campuses, this way if you have such a shooter the facilities are better prepared to deal with such a thing. 

We need to look at the near term, then let’s look at what else can be done. I have no problem with looking at everyone wishing to purchase a gun having to register them, go under a psych evaluation, even if you raise the age to buy automatic weapons to 21, but we need to do such things outside of this time of high emotions, when rights are assaulted by the government it is to control the people never to protect them, we need to always remember this. 


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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