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Where Does the NFL Go from Here?

Where Does the NFL Go from Here?

Where Does the NFL Go from Here?

In what the media is calling a win for President Trump, the NFL has come out and said that they are going to ask all players to stand for the national anthem. In a owners meeting earlier this week, Goodell had told the press, “We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to –- issues to make our communities better,” Goodell said.” I think we all agree there’s nothing more important than trying to give back to our communities and make them better. That was the entire focus of today.”

When pressed over the decision of the owners regarding the protests, “It’s also important for us to honor our flag and our country, and we think our fans expect us to do that, so that is something we continue to focus on this morning.”

The NFL player’s reaction to this was mixed, many were standing already, but some like Michelle Bennett said, “First of all I want to make sure people understand I love the military — my father was in the military,” Bennett said. “I love hot dogs like any other American. I love football like any other American. But I don’t love segregation; I don’t love riots, I don’t love oppression. I don’t love gender slander. I just want to see people have the equality that they deserve and I want to be able to use this platform to continuously push the message and keep finding out how unselfish we can be in society, how we can continuously love one another and understand that people are different. And just because people are different doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t like them. Just because they don’t eat what you eat, just because they don’t pray to the same God you pray to doesn’t mean you should hate them. Whether it is Muslim, whether it is Buddhist, whether it is Christianity, I just want people to understand that no matter what, we need to stay together. It’s more about being a human being at this point.”

There is one slight problem, segregation ended with The Civil Rights Act of 1964, that is over 50 years ago, there is not segregation now, it is against the law, to act like this is happening now shows either that Mr. Bennett is ill-informed or a liar, it simply is not applicable to today’s society. As for the riots, I don’t see anyone, but the black communities rioting over a thug is shooting at or trying to beat a cop to death, this is not showing any racism, this is what happens when you shoot at cops or try to beat them to death. And I must ask if this is the case, there are more whites that are killed then blacks, why aren’t whites rioting? It is because they know if you act stupidly like this, you may meet such an outcome, they sure don’t turn around and blame the police.

And oppression, please Mr. Bennett, tell us where Americans are oppressed, last I checked we just finished with an Administration with an African American president, if there as oppression by the majority of this country towards blacks, then how is it possible that this man Obama became president, after all with 13% of the population, even if 100% of the black population voted for Obama, he would never have had been elected if not for a sizable portion of white votes either. And where else is there oppression, in the military? Suggest you look to Colin Powell, he sat as the Joint Chief of Staff, then moved on to Sec of State, but then so did Condoleezza Rice, this was under President Bush, are you going to say there was oppression there? Or maybe the Supreme court, but wait, we have Clarence Thomas, who by the way was appointed by a Republican, you had Thurgood Marshall, a pioneer in the court, helped push along many of the civil rights application in the court of law. We have seen that the barriers are being broken or have been, you have congressmen and women that are from the African American community.

So where do you see this great inequality, in the courts? That too can be explained, the reason that the prison systems have more blacks in it in a percentage of their demographics is that they commit far more violent crimes, they put people in prison for longer periods of time. You may not like this, but statistics bear this out, you have the African American males committing over 60% of all murders in the US [1], yet they make up 13% of the population, they also commit over 50% of armed robberies along with over 35% of assault and batteries[1], 27% of all rapes are committed by the African American community [2], when you have Murder being committed by blacks at almost 5 times greater number in percentage of their population, armed robberies at 4 times greater, almost 3 times greater with assault and battery, and double the national average of rape, you are going to see an increase of them as a percentage of a demographic in prison. Further, add the fact that the black offender has a recidivism ratio so much higher than any other demographic, that would explain the greater length of prison and the higher numbers serving in prison.

The figures shown are not indicative of a racial bias, rather a social break down of the community, this could be attributed to another factor, the breakdown of the family unit, in the rest of America, the average, and this is taking in with the African American community single parent homes, 72% of all kids born to the black community are born to single mothers, of those the number goes down slightly to 69% of kids that raised in single-family homes. What you have is a community of men that are making kids, then refusing to be fathers, thus robbing the children of examples of what is needed in life. This is not societies fault, this the fault of the African American community, and as such, it can only be corrected by them, they need to start working with men to get them to act like men and be responsible for their children rather than be sperm donors.

But there are factors of unemployment, the simple fact is the US has pumped trillions into these communities to try to help lift them out of poverty, instead what they did was teach successive generations to be dependent on the US government, you have many that look at this as not a temporary help source, rather they feel they are entitled to receiving this and passing this life lesson to their kids, why work when you are taken care of by the government. But more than this, there are complaints that there is a lack of businesses and shops, but one should not be surprised, when the community gets upset, what is the first thing they do? They riot, break into businesses and loot them, vandalize the businesses, many times burn them to the ground, after this rather than accepting the fact that this may be the reason they are leaving. Naturally, racism is thrown out as the reason.

And that leads to the third problem, you have a philosophy of victim-hood in the black community, this Mr. Bennett is not the fault of all the rest of America, when one has no job, rob a store at gunpoint, and then gets shot, it is not the fault of the employee that was armed, it is the fault of the person doing the robbery, yet on TV that night you have the mother asking why the employee was armed, then demanding answers, as was the case here:

And here lies the problem, we don’t have blame on the person, you have blame passed to the people actually abiding by the law and daring to defend themselves, you have blame at cops who shoot at someone who is shooting at them, firing on someone that has beaten them half to death, then comes back to finish the job. If you want to protest Mr. Bennett, then protest something other then flag, stand up on TV, tell the African American people to stop robbing, looting, blaming everyone else for their actions, to start to accept responsibility, to bring themselves out of this rut they are in, not blame everyone else.

Is there racism, of course there is, but it goes both ways, while you have idiots like the KKK and the Neo-nazi’s, although if you do research you find their numbers aren’t even at 10,000; you also have people from the other side like Rev. Jeremiah Alvesta Wright,  Louis Farrakhan, leaders in Black lives matter that screams out just as hateful nonsense as the other side is spewing. Naturally, you hear little about this, the press sure is doing a great job at ignoring it, and you Mr. Bennett are not saying anything about it. And I have to ask, why the black power solute, you are screaming about racism, then after a play, you are doing this, how is this any less racist than a white person after talking a black athlete giving a Fascist solute? You are the first to scream racism while doing the same racist nonsense yourself. So what do you do, you blame America for racism while you are displaying it for all to see.

I think the NFL took the right route here, they choose to accept not what Trump was pushing, rather what their fans were saying, when facing massive backlash from the fans, attendance is down, seems people like Mr. Bennett seems to forget the NFL is a business, and like all businesses, they may wish to put out to help with social issues, but in the end they are in business to make money, when the majority of their fans don’t support what employees of the business are doing, and that is what you Mr. Bennett and the other players are, then they will have to make changes, not according to what their employees want, but rather what the fans, the ones paying and making their possible business desire.





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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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