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Where Has The America Of Old Gone?

Where Has The America Of Old Gone?

I got up this morning, looked over the news, saw nothing but horror, people getting killed, others were screaming hateful things at each other, I had to wonder, “Where has the America of old gone?”

I looked to Twitter, someone on there was trying to post that our Congresswoman Ilhan was a braver soul then our soldiers who have gone to the front of the battle, were wounded, others gave up their lives for all of us, yet they were saying this woman was braver than they were.

Others were screaming that we had no right to question what she had said, she was both a woman and a Muslim, to say anything, that was nothing but racism and bigotry against Islam, I wondered, since when has questioned what we are being told racist or bigoted, we used to speak to truth, now we are told we can’t, “Where has the America of old gone?”

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We are told today that we have to accept people’s feelings as fact, opinions are not to be questioned, if someone attacks you, it is your fault, never the attackers. Seems today we are a sum of how we feel, beliefs are to be tossed into the waste bin, it is all about feelings, I find this rather confusing.

Our children, they are taught there is no creator, thus they have no need for morals, as long as something feels good, please go and do it, then we sit back in horror when our children have no respect, no manners and no morals, again I wonder, “Where has the America of old gone?”

We have the left telling us today that if a man puts on a dress, maybe some makeup, we have to call him her, are lectured on being polite with our pronouns, whatever happened with speaking the truth? You can put on a dress, prance around made up like a cheap hooker, you are still a man, one that thinks he is a woman, nothing more.

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And before some of you go into an outrage here, I am not saying that people don’t have a right to pursue their happiness, what I am saying is they don’t have a right to force this on anyone else. If you want to put on a dress, I am cool with that, it is your thing, but I will not call you Felicia, Tina, or Fay, you will still be called Bob, John or Ralph, no matter how you yell, the reality is still there.

We are now told that faith is a thing to avoid, it teaches you bigotry, because it dares to give a list of what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable for the follower to behave and carry on their lives, then are scolded that we don’t adhere to the morals they want to force on us, I wonder, how is one different then the other? “Where has the America of old gone?”

We used to lead, we were a star, a light to the other nations. We gave out of our abundance to help the nations that were starving, aided in helping the oppressed find freedom. We stood tall for our beliefs, if you did not like them, then we did not need to help you.

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Until recently, we said we would lead from behind, that is not leading, that is staying out of the danger, it shows no commitment, we now have a president that says we should go back to that, we are told he is a racist, a bigot, hateful, should be expelled, no matter the cost or what rights are trampled on. What is going on, why are we allowing this? Where has the America of old gone?

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We give and give, yet nations no longer are thankful for what we give, we are told that we are obligated to give what we give? In our personal life we would never tolerate this, why are we as a nation? And when we do give, many times it is to our enemies, I must ask, “Why do we do this?”

We see our children, even ourselves looking for happiness, running from emotion to emotion, finding joy in the highs, then the crash that comes when we find this gone, yet we have lost what used to be, we found happiness in our family, fulfillment in our work, and inner peace with our communication with our creator. We must ask, “Where has the America of old gone?”

So what can we do? Go back to our roots, find our way back to our synagogue, Church or any other house of worship, learn the joy that comes in our communion with the almighty, then in our joy of sharing this experience. Instead of attacking other faiths, learn from each other, we all have something to offer.

Make time with our family, when was the last time you sat around the table and had a meal, spoke with each other without a TV or computer on, just spent time as a family unit?

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We have to realize that we are part of a large diverse, sometimes dysfunctional family, but we are still all family in this nation of ours. I wonder sometimes, why does it take flooding, an attack like 9/11 to draw us together? In the first and second world war, people united, people of all faiths, of differing political views, and why? We had a common goal.

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We saw this in the 1960s when JFK stood in front of all of us, said we would go to the moon, not because it was easy, rather that it was hard, we would make the impossible possible. The US stood together, won that race, we united with not just our fellow citizens, but the world as we breathlessly watched man take his first steps on the moon. Today we seem to have no such unifying goal, instead, we have people telling us that global warming is the next task, but rather than give solutions, people like AOC push off idea’s that would destroy this nation. One has to wonder, “Where has the America of old gone?”

We can do this, but first, we need to get rid of our leaders that want to destroy our path back to greatness, we need to find ourselves, our family, the unity as a nation, and most important, we need to find our creator again, that will what will bring greatness. If we do this, no longer will be left wondering, “Where has the America of old gone?”

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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