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Where is the Left Headed?

Where is the Left Headed?

We see the big story on the left is the librarian standing courageously up to Melania Trump and rejecting the free books she dared send because she found Dr. Seuss as racist. And why the outrage or claims of such, well that must do with the War Department had him draw cartoons they could publish attacking the Japanese to help in their war effort. Now did he draw them with exaggerated slanted eyes?

Of course, he did, just like they over characterized the Germans as well, but no one wants to talk about that, but then they were white, they had “White Privilege”, so that is perfectly acceptable, right? What is more, it was the drawing style of the time; would it be acceptable now? Of course not, but then neither would much of the arts be, that was part of that time, racial sensitivities were not of paramount importance then.

The other thing to remember, it is hard to tell a population to go and fight, kill and defeat a people you are trying to humanize. You see the very people screaming in outrage over this doing the same thing themselves, they attack with the same vigor you saw our ancestors did back then, the only difference is, it is the whites now being exposed to this outlandish hatred, they are acting like they are war with the white population, the very population that created this country and put means in place for someone like Obama, an African American politicians to rise up through the ranks to take the highest office in the US.

One must ask, where is all this headed, what is the goal of the far left? I have thought about it, first, we saw a delegitimization of history, the history they found uncomfortable, let’s tear down statues of people who fought not for slavery but for their homes. Now we hear of schools trying to remove Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson, they owned slaves, yet these same people forget that blacks themselves owned slaves, does not make excuse or the practice all right, but slavery had little to do with race, all races participated in this vile and evil dehumanization of people so you could justify treating them like beasts of burden. But I don’t think it will stop here, as we see things slide further, right now we are getting a reprieve due to the terrible devastation from the storms, but trust me, once this has passed this madness will resume. What is the goal?

I think, and please, I emphasize this is personal, although I have seen this coming for a while now, the next move will be then to delegitimize more of our founding fathers, after this we will hear how corrupt the founding documents of this country are, even though for their time they were monumental in instituting change on the world, as with all things, nothing changes overnight, if you try to radically change everything overnight you lose everyone due to trying to move too fast, we see the same going on now, although the pace has picked up. With the claim that our founding fathers were evil, then the great experiment they put in place, the democracy that rules us is full of flaws, the only way they will see to remedy this is to fix it so mob rule, not the law is what rules the day.


Is this a recent thing that has happened? Of course not, this has been a slow change starting even before Wilson, but you see the greatest change start with him. During the war in the name of preserving the union Wilson who is seen by many as the father of progressive thought, he sought to force any opposition to what he achieved by force if needed, he ran around and imprisoned the press or anyone that dared to speak out against him, he then after the first world war set in motion what he believes would be the foundation of a world government body that would bring the countries of the world together in peace, this was found out soon to be much too early, the League of Nations that he helped create did not even last 20 years.

We saw following him FDR with the New Deal, pushing on Americans the need to sit back and let big government fix all that was wrong with them, he put in place huge building projects, to fund this he devalued our gold standard for currency, then after forcing citizens to give up their gold and silver used what he had forced them to give up funding much of his projects, not to mention then sold them on the idea of further government welfare, SSI. This was on the verge of failure except WW2 came about, the US put together our industry in a way no nation in the history of this world has ever done before, we basically built our way to winning the war, equipping our young men to go and fight the enemy. When the war was done we then saw the US with Truman now in charge set up the United Nations, a second attempt to bring about a world governing body, how be it, one with not total power, but as we saw in the Korean War it could be given the authority if the need arose.

This organization like many grew, it was a great concept, but as with all things that are part of a governing body, the more they grow the more corrupt they become. The League of Nations today is a corrupt organization that is hell-bent on its constant anti-Semitic attacks on Israel, focusing on one nation while on the board doing the judging are habitual human rights violators like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. We see not a unified work to promote world peace, instead, the UN has become a place of anti-American sentiments moving to thwart American interest at every turn. Sadly, in spite of this, the US still is funding over 30% all funding to the UN, many times we are giving funding to workings that are directly in conflict with our own national and security interests.

So, what do we expect to see in the end? I think with President Trump winning the election it has forced the progressive left to move more quickly than they anticipated, with him replacing one Supreme Court justice and possibly may replace one or two more, this depends on if he gets elected again or not, the window to force change is narrowing, so going through subversion by putting in place a far left Supreme Court a new tactic is needed, that is a change to the very fabric of this great nation, the constitution, that is why the move has been to vilify our founders, if they do this then they can say the constitution is flawed so they can move to make changes. There is one huge problem with this, but I am sure they have tried to figure out a way around it, that would be in order to make a constitutional change takes a vote by state, the roadblock is the majority of states are ran by GOP governors, At this point if they tried this they could find every move they want could not only be stopped by the GOP, not only that they could find loopholes in the constitution they have used to promote their goals shut down by the GOP, the could walk away in a worse position then what they started. The way around this is to bring in and legalize the right to vote a new population, thus the move now to allow illegal immigrants to vote, further they have also filled the universities with radical progressive educators who have been radicalizing the youth when they are so moldable, if they can stir them up to vote on their side they could change the majority back to them, then make moves as they desire.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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