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Where Were You In The Off Season, NFL Players?

Where Were You In The Off Season, NFL Players?

Football has started and as usual, you have a group of multimillionaire players who are disrespecting the flag and our nation, along with our hero’s that sacrificed all for the flag,  by taking a knee during the National Anthem, I must ask, “Where were you, NFL players, all during the offseason?”

Funny thing is, I heard not a word about this in the offseason until the commissioner said that they were going to tell players if they were not going to respect the national anthem, stay inside, then you heard outrage.

The NFL is losing their market share, seems they don’t care, one has to wonder, is it a good idea to piss off your customers? They already have seen over a 25% reduction, it is obvious the reaction to this is not good, further, you have people I hear every day saying they will never watch another game again, these were hardcore football fans.

We saw something like this with baseball, not over the same thing, but the fans were tired of the strikes with demands that players continue to get paid money that was on the border of ridiculous when the players went on strike anyways, the game has to this day never recovered.

Today it is so much worse, we are not talking about money, we are speaking of disrespecting what American heroes have fought and died for, this flag they are disrespecting. Soldiers, when they lose their lives, are covered in, brought home draped in, the very flag that now sits on a mantel or table, that the family looks to so as to remember their lost hero that gave up their lives for this nation, this is what these ignorant NFL players wish to disrespect.

Further, these NFL players claim they are somehow victims of racism, give me a break, they are being paid millions a year to play a GAME. That is not racism, that is taking part in a system that is equal in pay to all races, there is no racism with the fans nor with the game.

Further, to say there is injustice on the streets, it seems they, like most, have not bothered to check the facts. The reason there are more blacks in prison is simple, in proportion to their numbers, they commit far more crimes then others, you want to fix this, stop doing crimes.

Look at murder, a great example, Black males make up around 7% of the total US population, yet they commit almost 60% of all murders in the US,  it would then go to reason that a greater number of them would be incarcerated when they are committing far more of these crimes. The same with armed robbery and rape, while the percentage is lower than murder, the black male community still commits over 50% of all cases, so it would reason that more are in prison as well. This is not about equal rights any longer, this is about not having the same type of punishment as others, that is not equal rights at all. Why aren’t you speaking on these NFL players?

We hear that police shoot blacks more, that is a false narrative, you hear it must be true because so many say it, but ask them to show the proof, the proof shows just the opposite, the police are more hesitant to shoot blacks, you are likely to be called a racist. So acting like these are problems due to racism, no, these are problems with your own community, has nothing to do with racism, well other than the black community who thinks they should not share in equal punishment for the same crimes.

And please don’t say that all blacks are this way, we are seeing and hearing many who are finally taking a stand against this madness, sadly they are labeled as Uncle Tom’s or something else by their fellow blacks. Worse yet, if you dare say something like this, many of the far-left liberal blacks will try to tell you that you have no right to say anything, I say BS, we all, regardless of race have a right to talk about societal problems, because you are a certain race does not make you exempt from criticism.

And could we stop with the foolishness that Blacks can’t be racist because they have suffered under racism?  I am Jewish, while your people were fighting for equality, they were exterminating mine, I would never dare to say Jews can’t be racist, have met many that are horribly so. Because you are a victim of racism and do not give you an exemption for being racist.

The NFL is shooting themselves in the foot, the players and the NFL forget the greatest thing in creating a successful business, they have lost sight of this, that would be your paying base. You alienate them, you may find yourself without a business. When all polls show the majority of fans don’t support this, in fact, find it offensive, as I had shown in NFL At A Crossroad, you are digging your own grave, yet you NFL players blissfully keep digging.

NFL players, what you claim you are doing this for does not matter, it is what the fans feel and perceive this action as, and they don’t see this as a protest against injustice, they see this only as a disrespectful act against the flag and all it stands for. Your message is lost in the act of disrespect, you ruin your protest because all we see is the disrespect toward this nation, it is time to try something else to get your message out.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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