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While Negotiating Nuclear Deal Iran Is Making Death Threats Against Trump And Pompeo. Why Are We Still In Talks?

While Negotiating Nuclear Deal Iran Is Making Death Threats Against Trump And Pompeo. Why Are We Still In Talks?

With everyone’s attention on Ukraine, this seems the opportune time to agree with the mad mullahs in Iran so we can pretend they won’t build nuclear weapons for a while.

Biden and the U.S. negotiators surely have no illusions about Iran at this point. The 2022 Annual Threat Assessment, published on Tuesday by the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), made that clear.


The threats aren’t directed at Biden’s people. The Iranians have the hots for Trump and his people.


CBS News has obtained two persistent threat assessments submitted to Congress by the State Department in January 2022 which cited a “serious and credible threat” on the lives of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Trump administration Iran envoy Brian Hook. These non-public assessments show that throughout 2021, and again in 2022, the State Department assessed the need to provide round-the-clock, U.S.-taxpayer funded diplomatic security details to both men.

Once more, see this administration doing the same thing the Obama administration did, rewarding bad behavior with a treaty; the only thing missing is to have planes loaded with unmarked bills headed towards Iran, or are they?

The Washington Free Beacon had reported on these blood-chilling threats in January. But the Biden administration doesn’t appear to be too worried — at not least, not worried enough to threaten to walk out of the nuclear talks unless Iran stops targeting American diplomats.

Trying to kill other nations’ diplomats directly contravenes international law, several treaties Iran is a signatory, and common decency. But Biden and his crew desperately need a foreign policy win to get his numbers up with Democrats, and making nice with terrorists is very popular in some leftist circles.

Yet this administration seems to hope maybe the Iranians can take care of what they can’t do, rid them of Trump, who they are willing to do anything, even failing to protect due to their deep-seated hatred.

We all know if Trump had allowed something like this against his predecessor or one of the members of his administration, the press would have gone insane, there would have been another impeachment trial going on over such a thing. Still, only Trump and the people worked for him; they are not worthy of protection by this administration.

On Face the Nation this past Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken sidestepped a question about whether a renewed diplomatic agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program would also address threats on U.S. soil,  including any targeting his predecessor, Mike Pompeo, who was secretary of state when the assassination strike against Soleimani took place. Blinken instead addressed the broad threat posed to U.S. personnel from malign Iranian actors, saying, “We will stand and act against those every single day.”

The secretary has previously said that Iran is weeks away from obtaining enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb; hence the U.S. attempts to revive the 2015 international agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which would lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for a temporary cap on its nuclear development. President Trump exited the JCPOA in 2018 by sanctioning Iran, and in July 2019, Iran began nuclear-related activities that exceeded the limits of that agreement. The

Now Iran has even better centrifuges—and many more of them.

The crime is that this is no surprise to the Biden administration. They know that Iran will stop until they have a working bomb. Now, with the Ukraine War taking everyone’s attention, Biden plans to quickly wrap up the negotiations and announce that he’s brought peace in our time … or something.

“We were very clear when we were in the deal originally that nothing about the deal prevents us from taking action against Iran when it’s engaged in actions that threaten us, threaten our allies and partners. That will very much continue,” Blinken said.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff agrees that the threats do not have to be addressed in any renewed nuclear-related deal with Iran.

“These other malign activities of Iran’s, their plots against the U.S. personnel or Americans around the world we can deal with and have to deal with separately, and we should deal with them aggressively,” Schiff told Face the NationSunday. “We need to go after all of this, not necessarily in one agreement.”

Let’s get this straight: Iran could assassinate Pompeo or any other Trump-era U.S. official, and it wouldn’t stop the nuclear deal? That’s a “separate” issue and shouldn’t get in the way of our surrender on the nuclear deal?

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Once more, we are seeing this administration is just as useless as the Obama administration, where treaties, even terrible ones, are seen as better than no treaty at all.

Meanwhile, the Mullahs are laughing all the way to the bank.

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