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White House Physician Clears Trump To End Isolation, Says He’s ‘No Longer A Transmission Risk’

White House Physician Clears Trump To End Isolation, Says He’s ‘No Longer A Transmission Risk’

President Donald Trump is clear to end isolation and fully return to his normal duties, White House Physician Sean Conley announced Saturday evening.

Conley says it has been 10 days since Trump’s first onset of symptoms and he has now been fever-free for “well over” 24 hours, adding all his symptoms have improved. Testing throughout Trump’s coronavirus treatment has shown a consistent decrease in the presence of the virus in the president’s body, Conley added.

“This evening I am happy to report that in addition to the president meeting CDC criteria for the safe discontinuation of isolation, this morning’s COVID PCR sample demonstrates, by currently recognized standards, he is no longer a transmission risk to others,” Conley wrote in a statement.

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Conley’s announcement comes a day after the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) canceled the October 15 debate between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The ban came after Trump objected to the CPD restructuring the debate to be virtual as a means to prevent coronavirus transmission after Trump tested positive.

Both Trump and Biden now have competing campaign events scheduled for the October 15.

Trump made his first in-person appearance since contracting coronavirus at a White House event Saturday, although he maintained social distancing from his audience and spoke from the White House balcony to a crowd in the South Lawn.

The White House event highlighted conservative activist Candace Owens’ “Blexit” movement, which seeks to draw black Americans away from the Democratic Party.

The White House labeled the Blexit gathering a “peaceful protest for law and order,” a thinly-veiled jab at Trump’s political opponents who have described riots and unrest resulting in violence and destruction of property as “mostly peaceful protests.”

Trump used the event to tout various historic landmarks black Americans achieved under his administration prior to the coronavirus pandemic, saying their poverty rate was lower than ever.

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