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Who Is Blocking Who with the Stimulus Bill?

Who Is Blocking Who with the Stimulus Bill?

After the last stimulus bill, we have seen nothing happen, all while Americans are out of work; government edicts prevent many businesses, some that are now out of business, from opening. Yet nothing has been done; one has to ask why?

While I am not one to advocate under normal conditions to put this nation more in debt, nor to give out handouts for the same of making people happy, this situation is different; we did not close down our economy, the government did, as such it is the government’s responsibility to help people that are struggling due to their actions.


Yet with the shutdown, we witnessed people who were unemployed get a $600 boost to hold them through these challenging times, yet people that due to COVID were underemployed, missing out hours and money on their checks, they were given $1,200, then were ignored for the rest of the year. At the twilight of the year, suddenly Congress is throwing out a pittance? A total of $600 per person, one can understand why people are outraged.

The ideal thing to do here is to open the nation back up, take the at-risk people, keep them home, give them aid to carry them through, reopen the schools, thus protecting the ones that should be while letting the rest move on to live their lives.

When we saw the Porkulus Bill, while we were given $600, nations like Pakistan were given millions to study transgender studies. The idiocy of this and other pork added were unbelievable; we know what happens to transgender people in Pakistan; they kill them, paying millions will not change this, they could have paid me five dollars, I would have told them here is the answer to your study, “They are an Islamic nation with radical Islamic laws, they kill them!” Millions would have been saved; this money could have gone to increase the stimulus. Don’t even get me on gender equality for statues and other idiotic add ons that were added to this bill. We know the GOP did not do this; none of them are this stupid.

Yet, with Christmas upon us, we now get a feeling both sides are more interested in the blame game than actually getting work done. Pelosi is insistent on pushing through a bill with more pork than substance. The GOP says that we don’t need $2,000; we should be happy eating grass. When does this end?


Trump came around and upended the GOP, caused Washington to scramble for cover, but now that his term is almost up, we are quickly seeing the GOP resorting to old habits, more interested in stopped the DNC then in doing what is best for the American people, the Democrats, in turn, are doing the same thing.

It would be nice, if for once in their time of serving, they actually put the interest of the people above party or personal interest; sadly, I doubt this will ever happen.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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