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Who Our Idols Should Be!

Who Our Idols Should Be!

I am not ancient, but I am in my 50’s, for as long as I can remember children and adults have idolized NFL stars as someone they would love to be like. If you are my age you remember having Bart Starr, Jim Brown, Johnny Unites, Gale Sayers or Deacon Jones cards in the spokes of your bikes, we looked up to these men, our favorite, and we all had one, they were our idols we looked up to, but are the current players someone that we should as well? Some may, but many more should never be.

What a contrasting view we have in America, we have been witness to a bunch of pampered millionaire athletes who claim that the very America that gave them the ability to make millions playing a game kneeling and disrespecting all the rest of us hold dear. They claim they aren’t protesting the flag, disrespecting it, the facts are they are seen as doing exactly this. As a result, the very people they have watching them are starting to turn away in record numbers.

Seems these people don’t realize that without the fans, they would not have a the multi-billion-dollar contract paid to the league, they would not have any cash coming from merchandise sales, no adds for them to do on TV, they would basically be just another person on the streets with a superior ability to play a game, so how do they repay that? They claim that all who watch them are with racist views, we who just got done with a two-term African American president who could have only been elected in with a large white vote are somehow full of white privilege and racism, talk about spitting in the face of the hand that feeds you. Instead of understanding this you have players like the one shown above or Marcus Peters cussing at fans, telling them to “F*** Off” for daring to point this out. 

Now what do we see in the opposite of these self-centered pampered souls, we witnessed this last Sunday night, when the terror of all terrors, an unseen gunman opening up on helpless people started to run for their lives, but in this crowd there were heroes, the type of people we should look up to. These are the people I will look up to, not these football players who have never done anything but play a game, then act like they are in a position to judge all others while disrespecting the very people who make their livelihood possible.
I leave this with images of men and women whom I do look up to, people that were role models for us all, ones that I will point out to my child, say, “When you grow up, this is who you want to be like!”

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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