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The Press – Who Watches the Watchers?

The Press – Who Watches the Watchers?

I have heard over the years; the press are the ones assigned under this republic to watch the government, to expose corruption and make sure we the people are informed, but who watches them? What happens when the press, as we see now, becomes corrupt, is more part of the problem than fighting against it? Who is watching the watchers?

In school, we were taught the press was the ones that were put in place by our founding fathers to keep an eye on the government, it was the second amendment that gave the citizens the right to replace the government if it became all-consuming or too corrupt. Sadly, in 200+ years the press forgot whom they were, instead of working for the people, they have turned to despise the people, think we are not capable of disseminating information, we can’t be trusted with weapons, the government knows best and we are better off being as submissive population with the government and press working together. This was NEVER the way the founding fathers intended things to be.

So what happened?

I think most of what we see started in the civil war. While Lincoln was a great president, he did act far outside what the constitution ever gave him the right to, in addition to ignoring justices, putting out arrest warrants for the chief justice of the Supreme Court, he also stripped the press of their ability to watch over the government, said it was for the good of the nation

Now, you may get from this that Lincoln was a terrible president, actually I think he was a great one, but he was fighting to save a nation that had already split and now was at war with itself, there are times that in order the keep the union you have to step on the glue that holds the union together, but this should only be done in times of such a national crises, and should never be done lightly. While I agree with much of what Lincoln did, he did after all hold what any other president until him, with the exception of Washington would not have been able to; he passed boundaries that weren’t his right to give. To that end, it shows us that in spite of his greatness, he was still human. 

We saw in WW2 the press cover for things that would have hurt the public, such as cover-up that Roosevelt could not walk if they had come across a military operation, a person that they found was dirty, but the government asked them to hold off until they got the data together, for exposing now would put thousands or more at risk, they would wait because that was what was best for the nation. Today if you asked this they would laugh, expose it and could care less how many are hurt, if our enemy gained from this, the story and ratings mean more then our nation too much of the press today. 

The Modern Press

There was still some great press after the war, we had the founders of the modern media as we know it, both in the papers and later the radio and TV, but someplace they lost their way, today what we have is a shadow of what it once was. I remember Walter CronkiteMeyer BergerFred FriendlyRichard Harding Davis, and others; they tried to keep personal political views out of the news, most times succeeded, other times not, but they did not try to overtly push a political agenda on others.

We saw much of this start with what was known as the New Age reporters, people who not only felt they had a right to report the news but to do so in a way to change one’s thinking to their political leanings. Much of this started with Willian Randal Hearst, who felt that the need or political objective far outweighed the obligation to report accurately, thus began the New Age Reporting so many today are so fond of. 

In the Watergate era we started to see the polarization of the press go to the left, no longer were they every trying to pretend that they were impartial, they openly supported liberal ideology and causes, and would work towards any means to achieve this, with this came the Tom Brokaw, Peter JenningsChristiane Amanpour, Carl Bernstein, and others continuing on today, with the vast majority of the news today are all following the New Age reporters theme where ideology carries more weight then substance, where news that is not convienient to this cause is ignored, and news that is is reported so the narrative can continue. 

What our founding fathers intended is not here any longer, no longer is the press free, each is beholding to their masters, they are not all the same, some try to put on some semblance of neutrality, but none are any longer. The truth for many is no longer important, only the perception of reality, thus we see the fall of the mainstream media, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Time, News Week, New York Times and others, they who were once great and trusted sources of news are seeing their viewship colapse, some like CNN has left behind any resemblence of faithful reporting, to them it is about the narrative, all else takes a second seet, and thus their shares of the American viewers are falling, so they have to change their story to what their audience they have left wants. 

I am not giving a pass to Fox either, although compared to the rest of the news they do offer the most open reporting, they have pro-Trump reporters like Sean Hannity, anti-Trump and reporters like Shepard Smith, they have liberals, like Juan Williams, and others. Even though they are more conservative in their reporting, it is the different opinions they give that has caused their meteoric rise in ratings, people want to see different ideas, where each side is given equal voice, then they are allowed to make up their minds, not be spoon fed propaganda and told that only the News should be allowed to tell you how you should think. 

The Future

I think the press as we know it is dead, I don’t believe CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC, New York Times and others will not change how they are reporting, they would instead go down with the ship then repair it. To be fair there are outside influences that are part of this, not only the dishonest reporting we see all the time, the internet, social media, and others are bringing news and opinions to us from many different ways, we are no longer forced to wait for the news to come on at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 10:00, cable has changed that and brought us news 24/7, but the internet did more, we now have instant access to not only the news but opinions of it.

I pull up from the more centrist view of the news, the left, far left, the right and the far right, I love to see the different opinions, will not lie, there are times I scream, my wife tells me to shut up, or I may give myself a heart attack, but it is all there instantly. I have found out the hard way with starting this company up that if you wish to bring in liberal reporters and have what they write open to discussion or disagreement, they will not come, today the kids are taught that their view, the leftist view is sacred, there is no right granted to debate what they are saying, we are only to listen and do as we are told. 

In all fairness I have been written by the liberals, get it almost daily, and the emails and messages are virtually all the same. First, they question if I know what I am talking about, how can I come up with such conclusion, they say my interpretation of what the references are is all wrong, and last they try to attack my education, that never gets very far. I have been told that I have brain damage, I am a Trumpster (which I have no problem with), that I am unable to see the emotional argument they bring (I usually tell them I don’t care, I deal with facts, not emotions), but I let them speak, well until they start to get disrespectful, no one needs to tolerate that, and as a rule they always do. 

We see a gap, one that is moving further and further apart, our nation becomes polarized, but unlike in the 1800’s, this is not set up as much across geographical lines, it is more set up across ideological lines, even age lines (much of this is expected, we gave up the education to the left, now they fill our kids heads with propaganda, and only from one side from pre-school until they finish, as they go further up in school the strong this becomes. 

This is why I started up this  week Silent No More, I am tired of being silent, we need to be heard, there isn’t only one side of the story, we have a RIGHT to demand to be heard, and if businesses and organizations are not willing to listen, then maybe we need to find others to do business with. I ran into this with starting up this organization, by the next day I was already seeing attacks from the left, they want to kill it before it can get going. Had some write and say we aren’t the Majority, the elections should show this, of course they ignored the fact that only 1/3 of the nation voted, which to me is shameful, if all the moderates and conservates decided to stop bitching about what is so wrong and actually went to vote, we would not have to worry so much about politicians that ignore the will of their electors, they would find their next election in great peril.  

We need to give support and listen to the people we find are in tune  with our thinking, but I encourage to listen to the ones that aren’t, we need to at least have an understanding of where they are coming from, the best way to defeat a foe is to understand all you can about them, this way you will anticipate their moves before they make them, that is why it is so important to listen to the other side as well. 

As you know all things cost money, this does as well, and I have to say thanks to all the people so far that have donated, we appreciate this very much, and would like to thank you in the future that will, this is what is needed to get this going. We are working now on bring in bumper stickers, hats and shirts that you can buy to show your support, this way you are getting something back in return, also will have something to show you are part of the movement. Learned long ago that everything starts with small steps, a pebble upon a pebble doesn’t seem like much at first, but after a while, this turns into a small hill, as others join in you can turn these few pebbles into a large unmovable mountain. 

We need you to help, in any way you can, be it by donations, telling others  of this, finding people that wish to get involved, or doing so yourself, every bit helps, for each action aids in the cause, we can make this nation great again, we have a great leader, now we need to do our part!

At this time I have my brother, who is one of the premier website designers in the world aiding in constructing the website for, such services usually cost in the thousands to tens of thousands, he has offered to do it to contribute his part, I am very thankful for him doing this. We just found an embroidery place that is willing to do the set up fees for the design of the shirts at no cost, this usually has a cost with it as well, we are so thankful for all that see this vision with us, we will change this nation, for we have a voice, we have a right to be heard!

Here is the charitable giving site.

Click on the banner to go to Go Fund Me Site to give to Silent No More!



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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