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Why Are We Allowing The Travesty Of Trans Athletes Competing In Women’s Sports?

Why Are We Allowing The Travesty Of Trans Athletes Competing In Women’s Sports?

When I was younger, my mother used to tell me, “A fox can put on feathers, try to walk like a chicken, all to get into the chicken coup, but it is, and always be a fox!” Today we have a bunch of foxes putting on chicken feathers, but rather than face reality and protect the chickens, we are told we have to go along with this charade; the safety of the chickens no longer matter.

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This is what we have in women’s sports. Women fought for years, we are lectured on women’s equality, but when it comes time to trans rights, we are told that women don’t matter; the narrative is all that should concern us. In the end, we are throwing out what women have worked so hard for in the name of political correctness. This needs to stop; this is not fair, nor should they be the ones that suffer to appease a very small minority.

Yet the worst part is women who have lost to these cross-over athletes are saying they are proud they lost to them, they need to stop the lies, they worked their whole life to compete, then a man changes his name from Sam to Sue, he then takes their spot in the championship, and she wants us to believe she is proud of this?

People have been so browbeaten into submission you have athletes that are afraid to say anything lest they find themselves canceled and no longer able to compete. One must ask, “When is this madness going to stop?”

In many ways, I feel like we live in the story of the ‘Emperor Who Had No Clothes,’ is it going to take a child to point out the foolishness we have been pushing?

The person who has been the face of transgenderism for so long, Caitlyn Jenners, came out, and instead of supporting this, he said that this was unfair for women. Because of his status, he can say stuff like this.

We have a binary sports program at that point, but is that fair? Girls don’t have as long arms, muscle mass, as large of hands as men do, this gives an advantage to men when competing in such sports, yet we are now told if a man who is average at best when competing against other men jumps to women sports because he ‘feels’ like a woman, they throw away all common sense and tell everyone else to shut up and fall in line.

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At this point, we need to look at making sports a trinary event; this way, trans people can compete, but our girls are protected. I know some may find this offensive, but let me wake you up to a reality in life; we don’t care about your feelings when it comes to protecting our women.

We are again oppressing women in the name of trans equality; this has nothing to do with equality; it is an unfair advantage forced on our women.

What’s next? Are biology books going to be accused of being transphobic? Wait that is already happening.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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