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Hey Media, Why Crickets Over Biden’s Sex Accusations?

Hey Media, Why Crickets Over Biden’s Sex Accusations?

Every time there is a sex allegation the press pushes this to the front page, they march out women who have experienced this type of abuse, tears and horror stories follow, but when a Democrat, like Joe Biden, have such accusation all we hear are crickets, why is that liberal press?

The reason for this is rather sad but true. The left does not care about women; they don’t care who is playing grab happy with whom. The outrage has never come out over the women; rather, it is manufactured to stir up passions against people they are trying to destroy.

The liberal outrage is all a lie and a scam.

They don’t care one little if a woman is treated like garbage, we saw this when Clinton was in power, the press attacked anyone that dared speak out against Bill, Hillary, who jokingly claims to be the champion of women would lead the charge. Make no mistake, this has never been about supporting #MeToo, it is not about finding justice, it is about using your political advantage, the go on stage, put on the actor’s hat and cry and feign outrage in front of the cameras.

Being a Democrat today is the ultimate, ‘Do as I say, not as I do!”

Everyone knew Bill Clinton was a preditor, even now we know it, we all remember the look of a trapped animal he had on his face when Trump brought his accusers to his debate with Hillary, that look will stick with me for the rest of my life, every time I think about it I can’t help but chuckle.

Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein were not outed because of moral outrage over their deeds, many times it was the leadership in the DNC that was actively covering up and aiding in their actions, it was a fight over the future of the DNC that did this, the old guard was under assault, their opposition, the new socialist wing demanded their pound of flesh, these two were just sacrificial lambs.

The press aided in this cover-up, they knew, actively worked to kill stories that would have exposed this connection because it was not convenient to their narrative, nor would have it helped in their quest to destroy Trump, the only problem they have had to this point is that Weinstein and Epstein did not kill themselves, so they sent Epstein a helpful nudge, I seriously doubt many believe Weinstein will survive to see the outside of a prison again.

Liberals don’t care until they are forced to care. And even then, they only pretend to care.

So let’s steer us back to Joe Biden, how last week a woman name Tara Reade, and no, not the actress, a staffer with Biden in the 1990s comes out and said that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, yet not a peep about this is coming from CNN, MSNBC or New York Times.

One could ask why the silence, but we already know the answer. The left hates Trump so much; they will cover up any such accusation, bury a story in the press, do whatever they can, not to put the best candidate forward, they have no new ideas, other than trying to destroy this nation, they are willing to sacrifice all, even this nation to rid themselves of Trump.

I guess one should not be surprised, look at the baggage Clinton came with, yet they covered and did nothing but make excuses for her. The difference today is Trump beat them at their own game, a shock they have not yet recovered from, it still sticks in their craw, bubbles up their hatred to the point of driving them into mass insanity.

I am not saying Trump is not guilty of his failings, if we like it or not, he most likely did have an affair with Stormy Daniels, but he has never claimed to be the one with high morals, that he would lead us down a virtuous path, we knew that Trump was a fighter, had no fear of getting into the mud-pits and slinging with whoever came his way.

We voted for him not for moral reasons, although I think he has made incredible strides in this realm, we voted him in because we knew that if we were going to turn this around, we needed someone that did not mind if mud were slung at him, he would sling it right back.

But this is not Biden; he comes at us like St. Joe, lectures us on our moral failings, with Deacon Nancy Pelosi on his side praying for our souls, we are given a daily dose of their ideals of faith, how they are so morally superior to Trump, we should be amazed and thankful to have them shed a little of their light upon us.

This is what bothers me; if you are going to condemn everyone else as being morally inferior, shouldn’t at least lead by example, that is not the case of what we have here. We hear outrage that Kavanaugh should have resigned due to an accusation, we were told that anyone with morals would take every woman at their word, but then when this is directed back at them, suddenly they have a change of heart.

I am not saying that Tara Reade’s claims are accurate, we have no way of knowing until we have more evidence placed before us, but there is some evidence that this could be credible. The problem I have is with Kavanaugh and others, the left demanded that all accusations be believed, but now they don’t seem to have the same conditions when it comes to Sleepy Joe.

As was stated by Town Hall:

Compared to the Kavanaugh slanders, you have an accusation of a substantially worse sex crime that is substantially more credible against the presumptive Democratic nominee. And you have an organized and active conspiracy of silence designed to cover it up by Democrats, their pet interest groups, and the garbage mainstream media.

I find the way the press is covering for Joe is very much the way they did with Clinton, this bothers me, if they are going to be so one-sided, why do they pretend then to be none partisan?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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