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Why Russia And The World Is At The Brink

Why Russia And The World Is At The Brink

Written by Timothy Benton

When Trump said that he wanted to have a relationship with Russia rather than be hostile enemies while China, who was doing much of the real encroachment, was being ignored, the Left went crazy. We see where this has gotten us with them in power for the last year.

China is running rampant, Biden and the Democrats are more interested in making money off of China, yet they keep yelling that Russia is the main threat. There is an old saying, “You poke the bear enough; he will turn on you!”


Couple this with weak leadership, which the U.S., at this time is under, plus the pathetic response from the Biden White House, saying if there were a minor incursion, nothing would be done, other than sanctions, Russia has taken this for its face value and started to move over 100,000 troops to the Ukraine border.

But this is not just due to this weakness; the Democrats have pushed this since the day Biden took office. They require an enemy, so why not go back to the cold war nemesis, ignore the real threat now, and start sanctioning and pushing Russia into a corner? What could go wrong with this?

Add to this the collective memory of Russia and the two world wars; Russia is rightfully looking at NATO, who was to protect from Soviet aggression, who no longer exists, decided they should expand rather than figure their need was done and disband. With Russia’s concern over their borders due to past aggressions, now is facing NATO pushing up closer to the homeland, nations that were once allies are now belligerents.

While it is understood that the Russian military is a shadow of what the old Soviet military was, it seems these nations in NATO and the Democrats fail to understand, so are we.

While all this is going on, China is looking at the splitting of power, thus a weakening of U.S. and allied forces; if there is a war, even if we aren’t involved, we will have to start positioning troops to hold in reserve in case Russia doesn’t stop, we suddenly are seeing our forces around the world stretched thin.

China has been looking to Taiwan has become more and more belligerent; why wouldn’t they make a move while we are preoccupied with Russia?

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So now we are faced with an increasingly belligerent China; Russia, in response to NATO sending fighters and aircraft carriers towards the Russian coast, has announced they are sending fighters and warships to the Irish coast.

With the world at a tipping point, what could go wrong?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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