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WILL FAKE NEWS CNN SURVIVE? New Poll Shows More Liberals Watch Fox News Than CNN

WILL FAKE NEWS CNN SURVIVE? New Poll Shows More Liberals Watch Fox News Than CNN

When they’re not lying, they’re twisting the truth. The cable “news” network whose technical director was caught on tape by Project Veritas admitting that the fake news network’s focus was to “get Trump out of office” is finally being hit with a hefty dose of karma.

CNN knowingly took the lead in promoting every hit piece manufactured by Democrats on Donald Trump, including the fake Russia hoax, the phony impeachment over a perfectly fine phone call with Ukraine President Zelenskyy, the phony January 6th “insurrection,” and more.


CNN host Don Lemon was accused of sexual assault (***language and content warning***).

CNN ignored his accuser.

CNN host Chris Cuomo (Fredo “the fixer”) was fired over his involvement in his brother, Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s multiple sexual harassment allegations that ultimately forced his resignation. After they put Fredo on indefinite suspension, he was finally fired when CNN received credible sexual harassment allegations against Fredo himself. CNN’s whiny host Brian Stelter, who has an incredible resemblance to “Seinfeld’s” George Costanza, announced Cuomo’s firing.

Yesterday, after Project Veritas exposed CNN host Jake Tapper’s producer Rick Saleeby for solicitation of his fiance’s underage daughter, Fairfax County police seized his electronics and hard-drives. 

CNN Producer Rick Saleeby (L) CNN host Jake Tapper (R)


The report comes just days after another CNN employee, CNN producer John Griffin, who worked for fired CNN host Chris Cuomo, was arrested for soliciting a nine-year-old girl to perform sex acts on him.  The Gateway Pundit reports–”John Griffin, a CNN producer, was arrested on federal charges for allegedly abusing underage girls and enticing their mothers to help him do it, according to the DOJ.

CNN Producer John Griffin (L) Griffin with fired CNN host Chris Cuomo

The DOJ alleges that, in one case, Griffin paid a mother $3000 to fly her and her 9-year-old daughter to see him.

Griffin then directed the daughter to engage in sexual activity with him.

Another allegation against Griffin states that Griffin requested a mother and her 16-year-old daughter take a mother-daughter trip to his ski house for sexual training.”

On Monday, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson spoke about CNN’s “pedophile” problem.

Now, a new poll show is spelling disaster for the network travelers forced to watch for years in airports. The stunning new Nielson/MRI Fusion poll reveals that more liberals watch Fox News than CNN.

Daily Mail reports – Fox hauled 29 percent of the liberal audience compared to 24 percent for CNN, according to averages from April to August. MSNBC captured the majority of liberals with a 46 percent share.

A whopping 62 percent of the conservative audience was held by Fox, compared to 24 percent for MSNBC and just 14 percent for CNN.

Fox averaged 1.3 million daily viewers in raw numbers, with MSNBC lagging on 919,000 and CNN flagging on 787,000.

Rupert Murdoch’s channel greeted the numbers with fanfare. Last week, it put out a statement lauding its top shows, the jewel in the crown being Tucker Carlson Tonight, and its ‘politically-diverse audience.’

FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said, ‘As we embark on our 20th year as the leader in cable news, the last six of which as number one in all of cable, I am incredibly proud of the unrivaled success we’ve had at FOX News Channel.

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Notes from the Editor

One can hardly be surprised by these numbers. CNN, MSNBC, and New York Times, ABC, CBS all sold their credibility and souls to rid themselves of Trump. They found the need greater than trust, their reputation, now are suffering the end results, no one trusts them any longer.

A news site has to have trust; if you blow this, what else do you have to bank on?


I have spoken to fellow reporters; many of them are hard-core leftists, they have complained that no one trusts them. But when I bring up their actions towards Trump, they say that this was more important than anything else; he was an extensional threat. It seems that there is a disconnect with them as soon as Trump comes up.

I tell them I am no fan of Obama, nor am I one of Biden; there is plenty to write on without making stuff up or not bothering to check sources; instead, look for anything negative one can write about, even if you know it is most likely a lie. This does not compute with them; they feel the loss of trust was a worthy sacrifice. This is why we find journalism dead; trust is a secondary aspect when it should be the primary one.

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