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Will Political Correctness Kill the NFL?

Will Political Correctness Kill the NFL?

I am all for protesting, so long as it is done peacefully, it does not matter if you agree with what the people are protesting. Even if the claims the protesters are making are accurate, they aren’t every American has a right to be heard. But the NFL forgets something here, the players, who they are trying to appease aren’t the people that pay to watch the game, go to the games, we saw two years ago how this backfired on the NFL, so they are now trying round two?

When an owner loses track of where their money is coming from, they risk everything, hoping that people will buy into their narrative instead of boycotting the services they are offering.

We go to games, not to hear about social issues, rather to watch a game, to do the opposite of debating politics, to have a few moments when we are free from it.

The players have lost track of this, the owners seem to as well, but like it or not, the players are not the ones paying, the fans are.

If fans do like they did when Kaepernick was protesting, many may walk away, fans that forgave and came back could stay away this time.

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We now are hearing that players will kneel during the anthem, but this is not enough, now they want to play the Black National Anthem before the game before they play the national anthem.

Here is the problem, and one that may offend sensitive readers, but the facts are the facts. We are a mixed-race nation, yet I don’t hear us doing this for Asian’s, Hispanics, for us Jews, but we are told that 13% of the population should have this done to appease them. I don’t care; I have heard this nonsense for the last couple of years, blacks claiming they are oppressed when they aren’t.

The NFL is betting on that Americans no longer care about honoring our flag, that people who disrespect it and our nation, despite benefiting from living in this nation, is a gamble I would never make. Further, to claim that somehow people are racist if they don’t support this move, this is going to do nothing but further, inflame this situation.

I am and have been my whole life, a Green Bay Packer fan, if they start this here, it will be the last game I go to or wI am and have been my whole life, a Green Bay Packer fan, if they start this here, it will be the last game I go to or watch them play.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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