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Wisconsin School Files Sexual Harassment Charges Against Middle School Teens For Not Using Proper Pronouns

Wisconsin School Files Sexual Harassment Charges Against Middle School Teens For Not Using Proper Pronouns

A Wisconsin elementary school principal filed a Title IX complaint accusing middle schoolers of sexual harassment for using the wrong pronouns,

In a move that should surprise no one, an Elementry Principle in Keil, Wisconsin, filed a Title 19 complaint against a few teens in his school district for refusing to address a fellow student by their preferred pronouns. The school filed on behalf of the principal said that misgendering a student and refusing to go along with their preferred pronouns was sexual harassment and should be dealt with as such.

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This came from a female student who demanded that others call her by the pronouns “they” and “them,” then set about screaming and verbally assaulting anyone who dared not to comply with her demands.

A third student came to the defense of the one being screamed at and said–correctly–that the berated does not have to use proper pronouns. That it is his Constitutional right not to use preferred pronouns.

This student was correct; we can’t be forced to speak in a manner that individual demands of us; this is what freedom of speech stands for, but none of that mattered to the school. They found such behavior so egregious that they felt that charges needed to be filed against the student who would not comply and for the students who correctly stood up on constitutional grounds.

Yet Title 19 was set up to protect victims of sexual assault from harassment; this is not the case here. Instead, the school is saying if you don’t speak in a way another student demands, that is qualified as a sexual assault or harassment. To say this is a reach is an understatement.

This also brings up a compelling speech. Using the term they, them, in a grammatically incorrect way is just nonsense, then making up pronouns because you don’t like the ones that exist is childish.

There is also the problem that the courts have ruled on this; in Meriwether v. Hartop et al, the court ruled that no one could legally be forced to use pronouns; this is a violation of free speech.

In this case, you not only had free speech issues but also the separation of church and state issues. Nicholas Meriwether was a very devout Christian; he felt it was wrong to refer to a person as other than their biological sex. The school took disciplinary actions against him, including suspension or termination if he did not comply. But things were even worse than this; the Dean of the school had written earlier that no Christian should be allowed to teach because their religious faith would get in the way of their ability to teach; this put the school, a state school, in direct collision with the 1st Amendment, so Nicholas sued.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '"School administrators can't force minor students to comply with their preferred mode of speaking. And they certainly shouldn' be slapping eighth graders with Title IX investigations for what amounts to protected speech. This is a terrible precedent to set, with enormous ramifications." Luke Berg May 12, 2022 WHL FOR LAW & LIBERTY WISCONSIN INSTITUTE'

We can see by this ruling that forcing pronoun use is contrary to our constitutional protections, but that does not matter to the activist within this school system and with the Left.


They ignore, such as in this case, the supreme court’s ruling in the past where it stated that no one might be compelled to speak in support of something that violates their beliefs or faith.

These children are being represented by Luke Berg, who believes that Ramminger and the district do not have a leg to stand on. The stretch from what is covered by Title IX, such as sexual assaults, to “misgendering,” and to try to say the two are the same is an outright reach at best, but more likely just being dishonest in trying to compare the two, it is like comparing peaches to eggs.

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