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With Elon Musk Now The Largest Stockholder Of Twitter, On the Board of Directors, Could Change Be Coming?

With Elon Musk Now The Largest Stockholder Of Twitter, On the Board of Directors, Could Change Be Coming?

In what only could be called a surprise for the world to behold, news broke that Elon Musk had snatched up enough stock to become the largest stockholder of Twitter. Could this be a sign of change with this big tech platform?


Following Twitter’s suspension of the Babylon Bee, Elon Musk appeared to get a little irritated. In late March, Musk asked his more than 80 million followers what to do about Twitter’s failure to adhere to free speech principles:

Last month Twitter suspended the conservative pundit site after they  put out an article in response to USA Today naming Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine “Woman of the year,” They, in turn, rewarded him as ‘Man of the Year.’

At that time, when people questioned the right of Twitter to do this, Leftist told us that this was a private platform, they had a right to censor whomever they wanted; now that Musk has taken the largest stake in the company, these same people are in panic, now saying Twitter is too big to allow one individual to control it.

MSN, in response to this, ran an article on how Musk could not now force a massive change to the platform, but they were worried that as the largest shareholder, he could force a buyout, thus forcing new ownership of the company; he then could step in and make any changes.

Naturally, some activists within the company did not take this well, I guess all is well when one side is censoring the news, but if you dare take this away, the claim is this is due to bullying, bigotry, and spam. One has to wonder, why wasn’t this individual concerned when bullying by the platform, shutting down conservative speakers, was seen as a problem?

I tried to encourage this individual; I hope it did not go too far.

Elon, being one not to let things rest, in response to the sudden backlash from the Left over his purchase of stock, replied:

Right now, we are seeing someone with the resources to change what he has been complaining about, changing the censorship we have seen on these platforms. Will this happen overnight? Does anything? It will take time, but this is a warning shot across the bow that he will no longer tolerate this.

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We are now in a waiting mode. Is this move to warn Twitter, hoping they will change to be more open to all political views, or will Musk end up having to force this further and attempt a hostile take over to ensure changes are made?

The first move has been made; as the largest shareholder, it has just been announced that he will be sitting on the Twitter board of directors.

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