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With Leak Over Roe v Wade, Warren Demands Constitution Be Ratified, AOC Demands Nuke Action Or Primary Out Members.

With Leak Over Roe v Wade, Warren Demands Constitution Be Ratified, AOC Demands Nuke Action Or Primary Out Members.

As one would expect, the leak of the document from the Supreme Court has caused much of the left to lose their minds. With calls within the Senate and House to codify Roe v Wade, Democrats are attacking any member who dares say that this should be open for debate, threatening to help primary them out if they resist.

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There were the predictable outbursts, the Democrat propensity to blame others for what they were guilty of, case in point, Swalwell:

The funny thing is, it was Republicans that extended protection to mixed marriages. Southern Democrats made this illegal, Southern Democrats put this nation into a civil war to keep slaves, and Southern Democrats fought against civil rights, not Republicans. But then, being a Democrat, you get to forget the history that is inconvenient and blame the other side for what yours has done.

Then we have Elizabeth Warren, who says that deciding to protect life, to stop federal overreach with abortion and place this back to the states, which the constitution dictated. She is angry; she demands that Supreme Court not be able to decide on this. She claims the United States Congress can change this:

In this, Warren is seen yelling at the crowd that they, in the Senate and House, will rectify the Supreme Court by codifying Roe v Wade. There is one rather big problem with this, to do so would require a constitutional amendment; this would need 2/3rds vote from both the House and the Senate, which will never happen.

Facts don’t matter to Democrats, only rhetoric to stir up the masses.

But things slid further down the rabbit hole; here, a Democrat Senator says if Roe v Wade is overturned, there will be a revolution:

I could not help myself; I had to ask her since she said the young would rise up in a revolution:

The insanity of the Left calling for a revolution due to what they claim is the Right telling them what to do with their bodies when they just finished telling us all what to do with ours over vaccines is hypocritical at best. But the idea that today’s youth would stand up to any type of armed conflict is too far from reality. I am not sure what they would do, hurl insults at us, think that is a war? When the bullets started to fly, these cowards would run; they have in polling said they would flee the government rather than stay and defend it.

What’s Next?

It is important to know this leak has not been confirmed, other than SCOTUS has informed us the leak is under investigation. But with this being stated, the Supreme Court does not deny this, so there must be an element of truth.

Since Politico reported on this, there have been more leaks that Chief Justice Roberts is trying to salvage what he can from Roe v Wade rather than toss it out in its entirety. According to CNN, Chief Justice Roberts is trying to gut out much of Roe but wants to keep in place the constitutional right to abortion, but will allow states to make this only accessible for the first 14 weeks.

What is claimed by Ann Warran of Media Champs is:

So three liberals who would support Roe and Casey. Three Conservatives who would overturn both and two more Conservatives who lean that way. But CJ Roberts wants a middle ground and if he can win over Kavanaugh or Barrett, he could get a 5-4 decision to preserve Roe. All of this leads Blackman to wonder if anything has leaked out to suggest we’re headed for another decision like the one we saw. preserve obamacare.

Media Champs, a more Left-leaning publication, is hoping Kavanaugh will vote with the liberals to show that he is more with them than against them; such a vote would show his independence. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this; he could be angry still over the stunts they pulled and come out very vocally to tell them to f@#$ off.

There is a possibility the court could move in the direction the court was headed in Roe v Wade, where they accepted the cut-off date of access to abortion was what they considered the viability of a child to live outside the womb. The difference is the time period in 1974 and today due to medical advancements.

According to “What to expect“:

Some studies have found that more than 50 percent of babies born at 23 weeks survive, more than three-quarters of babies born at 25 weeks survive, and more than 90 percent of babies born at 26 weeks survive.

In 1974 a baby born two months or more before their due date was not considered viable; thus, there was a reason for abortion in the third trimester. But today, babies born at 22 and 23 weeks can be saved, but with complications. If the court went in this direction, late-term abortions would be illegal, and the courts would have to figure out a viable date for pregnancy to protect the baby after this.

If Roe is overturned or changed in a way that protects the rights of states to limit how late in a term abortion is legal, we will see a rush of states move to change their abortion laws. Many already have trigger laws in effect; at this point, 13 states have laws on their books that legalize abortion as we know it today.

If nothing is done and the Court overturns Roe, the states supporting, banning, and restricting abortions are shown below:

State by state:

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In some states, like the one I live in, Wisconsin, political leaders have said that if Roe v Wade is overturned, they will not pursue prosecution, but this can only be held off for a period before the legislative branch demands it. Yet the states can’t force counties to comply with their demands; if the law says abortion is illegal and a DA wants to prosecute, the state’s Attorney General has no authority to interfere.

Time will tell where this is headed, but we have to wait for this decision to be made into law; until then, all we can do is wait.

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With Roe likely to be modified or done away with, we have Democrat Senators and House leaders calling for Revolution, to codify Roe, others are just attacking to be silly.

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