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With Loss Of Control Of Border, Illegals Allowed In With No paperwork, Biden Has Opened all Our Borders

With Loss Of Control Of Border, Illegals Allowed In With No paperwork, Biden Has Opened all Our Borders

As the Biden administration sees the complete loss of control of our border, leftist news, which has done nothing but cover for him, is having a hard time doing so when the pictures of this epic failure become available for all.

Case in point, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd pressed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday over the crisis at the U.S. southern border.


While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mayorkas cited the administration’s actions on handling migrants and claimed “the border is closed.” Todd disputed his claim, asking, “how can you say the border is closed?”


Todd began the discussion by reading a quote from Democratic Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez criticizing President Joe Biden’s administration for incentivizing people to cross the border illegally. He then asked Mayorkas if he was concerned a “market efficiency” has been created where people decide their children have a shot at getting into the U.S. if they attempt to go alone.

“Our message has been straightforward and simple, and it’s true. The border is closed. We are expelling families, we are expelling single adults, and we’ve made a decision that we will not expel young, vulnerable children,” Mayorkas answered. “I think we are executing on our plans, and quite frankly, when we are finished doing so, the American public will look back on this and say we’ve secured our border and we upheld our values and our principles as a nation.”

“How can you say the border is closed if there is this, what some would look at as a loophole,” Todd asked. “I understand on humanitarian grounds, but if the goal is to get these asylum seekers to seek the asylum in the home country, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, for instance, how do you get them to do that if our policy is to let them in at the border?”


Mayorkas explained the administration has short, medium, and long-term plans but didn’t detail what they are. He then asked Todd to remember that former President Donald Trump “dismantled” how the country allowed children to make asylum claims under U.S. law in their countries of origin. He concluded that the administration is “rebuilding” those processes but will not expel children “into the Mexican desert” in the meantime.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has stopped pretending we have any border security; migrants coming through are no longer processed and given a court date. Now they are waved through, put on a trust system that they will apply for asylum in the US.

The pretense that we control our borders is nothing but a myth; Biden took 2 months to destroy what Trump had set up, we are now seeing ourselves being overrun.

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