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“Woke” Politicians Pushed To Reduce Policing, But the Blacks, Who They Say They Were Protecting, Are Suffering Record Murders

“Woke” Politicians Pushed To Reduce Policing, But the Blacks, Who They Say They Were Protecting, Are Suffering Record Murders

I have always said if you want to ruin something, let a politician get involved; it seems they do far more harm than aiding what they are trying to fix. The ‘Defund The Police’ craze we dealt with last year is a case in point.

The Far-left told us that this was needed to bring equality to African Americans, but soon it was found that the ones they said they were protecting suffered the greatest increase of crime against them. So much for this bringing equality; all it did was bring heartache and suffering.


The FBI previously reported that murders increased by 30% in 2020. But there is more to that story.

According to a recent report by Fox News, FBI data demonstrates a sharp uptick, specifically in black Americans being murdered in the last few years compared to other racial groups. The surge began almost immediately after Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police in 2020 and the subsequent riots that rocked cities across America.

When this happened, we were told that action was needed now. Many “Progressive” politicians acted in haste to appease their constituents without considering what their policies would produce. But as is seen in most cases, when you act with a gut reaction to policies that affect people across the nation, there is a blowback that was never seen.

“In 2019, at least 7,484 black Americans were murdered. That number shot up to at least 9,941 murders in 2020, meaning an increase of 2,457 black Americans murdered over the previous year,” Fox News reported.

Violent crime has notably increased in the last few years, but it disproportionately hits black AmericansAccording to Census data, .

Between 2010 and 2019, there was an average of 5,954 white murders, which is roughly 16% lower than the 10-year average of black murders. During that same time period, an average of 6,927 black Americans were murdered each year, meaning black murders shot up by 43% in 2020 compared to the previous 10-year average.

Fox News further put the numbers in perspective: “The figures are more staggering considering White Americans make up 76% of the population compared to black Americans representing only 1ta.”

As for the group that pushed this the hardest, BLM, where were they? The founders were partying and purchasing multimillion-dollar mansions from the money they received from donors.

So much for “equity,” like the wealthy they attacked were only in this to enrich themselves.

And the politicians?

If you are a member of the squad, the most vocal for defunding the police, after seeing the police were no longer able to protect them hired in their security using taxpayers’ money. Then Pelosi and the Democrats put up a fence to hide behind it and keep out those pesky Americans who believed in true equality and dared to question her actions.

We should demand that if politicians want to cut our protection, they should also do the same. Demanding that we abolish the police while they hire security teams for their protection sets a double standard to the extreme.

The collective result of this anti-police movement led to what is called the “Ferguson Effect” or the “Minneapolis Effect.”

FBI crime data shows a distinct upswing in violent crime following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 and Floyd in 2020. Those incidents triggered mass demonstrations, riots, and a concerted effort to curtail police activity.

There was even a failed effort to outright abolish the police in Minneapolis.

Instead of creating police departments that function better and protect communities, we now have countless beleaguered, understaffed, and demoralized departments dealing with the largest surge in violent crime.

Following Floyd’s death, the left went all-in on a “racial reckoning,” targeting American history and nearly every elite institution to trigger a cultural revolution against the “white supremacy” at the root of all things in America.


In city after city, many of which went through with defunding their police departments, we’ve seen historic increases in violent criminality. In this case, it seems that minorities are suffering the most.

So, will the left ever face a reckoning for triggering the largest spike in black murder in recent history?

I highly doubt it; they will find something new to be outraged over, then try frantically to turn the masses’ attention on that. They outrun the questions they should ask over their bumbling of policies and the lives lost due to their ideology.

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