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Woman Who Stole Pro-Life Sign Sees Instant Justice as Cop Reveals He Saw the Whole Thing

Woman Who Stole Pro-Life Sign Sees Instant Justice as Cop Reveals He Saw the Whole Thing

In the battle for free speech on college campuses, one student learned a very important lesson:

Stealing signs to muzzle free speech does not work so well when a police officer is looking.

The incident is part of a wider battle summarized in June by President Donald Trump when he addressed a Turning Point Action event in Arizona and told young campus conservatives they face an uphill battle.

“You’re fighting against an oppressive left-wing ideology that is driven by hate and seeks to purge all dissent,” Trump said, according to a White House transcript of his speech.

“The radical left demands absolute conformity from every professor, researcher, reporter, journalist, corporation, entertainer, politician, campus speaker and private citizen,” he said.

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That was acted out in a spring 2019 incident at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill when one young woman was arrested, on camera, for stealing the sign of pro-life activists.

The sign was put up by Created Equal, a pro-life group that brings the horrifying reality of abortion to college campuses in hopes of changing minds and savings lives.

The sign read, “Warning: Abortion Victim Photos Ahead.”

In the video, the student walked off with the sign as Created Equal supporters followed her — along with a police officer.

When confronted by the officer, who asked if she had stolen the sign, she claimed she had “just moved it.”

“Well, you took it,” he said.

The woman had a ready justification for her act.

“Because — this restricts women’s rights,” she said.

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The student was astounded to learn the law against taking other people’s property could apply when trying to silence the pro-life group.

“I can’t believe y’all protect them,” she said.

Mark Harrington, president of Created Equal, told Fox News that the student in this case was a symptom of a larger problem.

“Universities are failing to educate students on the basic American ideal of freedom of speech,” he said.

“Across the country, we are seeing incredible opposition to the pro-life speech of our student leaders and volunteers as they speak for the defenseless and educate their fellow students on abortion,” Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins noted in May.

Trump said the students he addressed could ensure that the attitude prevalent in the UNC incident does not prevail.

“The great spirit of righteous defiance stirs deep within you,” the president said, adding, “It’s the same spirit that compels each of you to stand strong against the dull, mindless, soul-crushing conformity mandated by far-left pundits, professors, and liberal politicians.”

He said the spirit of young conservatives is “the same fierce and untamed American spirit that will lead the young, patriotic Americans of this generation to serve our country. And you will serve it well. You will serve it so well.

“Together, we will restore our economy quickly. We will rebuild our nation. We will revitalize our cities. We will take back our universities and colleges.”

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